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Core Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Kate Abramson
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 115
kaabrams at
Hume, history of ethics, contemporary ethics, and early modern philosophy
Marcia Baron
Rudy Professor of Philosophy
Sycamore Hall 126
mbaron at
Moral philosophy, moral psychology, and philosophy of law
Rosa Cao
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 123
rosacao at
Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Biology, Cognitive Science
Gary Ebbs
Department Chair
Sycamore Hall 117
gebbs at
Philosophy of Language and Mind, Philosophy of Logic, Epistemology, and History of Analytic Philosophy, especially Carnap and Quine
Pieter Hasper
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 017
phasper at
Ancient philosophy
Mark Kaplan
Director of Graduate Admissions
Sycamore Hall 113
kaplanm at
Decision theory, Epistemology, Austin
Adam Leite
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 107
aleite at
Contemporary Epistemology
Stephanie Leary
Oscar R. Ewing Visiting Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 024
learys at
Metaethics, Metaphysics, and Epistemology
Kirk Ludwig
Director of Graduate Studies
Sycamore Hall 125
ludwig at
Philosophy of Mind & Action, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Epistemology
David Charles McCarty
Sycamore Hall 121
dmccarty at
Foundations of mathematics and logic, early analytical philosophy, and the history of mathematics and logic

Timothy O'Connor

Sycamore Hall 122
toconnor at
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion
Leah Savion
Senior Lecturer
Director of Associate Instructor Training
Sycamore Hall 109
lsavion at
Logic, cognitive science, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, epistemology and pedagogical theories
Frederick F. Schmitt
Sycamore Hall 111
fschmitt at
Epistemology and metaphysics and the history of epistemology and metaphysics
Sandra Shapshay
Associate Professor
Director, the Political and Civic Engagement Program (PACE) Affiliate faculty of the IU Center for Bioethics, Indianapolis
Sycamore Hall 015
sshapsha at
Schopenhauer, Kant, the history of aesthetics and ethics in 19th century Continental philosophy
Joan Weiner
Sycamore Hall 127
begriff at
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, History of Analytic Philosophy (Frege)
Allen Wood
Ruth Norman Halls
Professor of Philosophy
Sycamore Hall 124
awwood at
History of modern philosophy, especially Kant and German idealism, and chiefly in the areas of ethics and social and political philosophy.
Rega Wood
Sycamore Hall 119
regawood at
Medieval Philosophy, Ethics and the History and Philosophy of Science. 


Faculty with primarily administrative duties

Faculty Member Contact Education
Michael A. McRobbie
President of Indiana University
Professor of Philosophy
iupres at
Ph.D. Australian National University, 1979


Postdoctoral Fellows

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests Office Hours
Janelle DeWitt
Halls Postdoctoral Fellow
Sycamore Hall 011
janedewi at
Kant's ethics, moral psychology, and the philosophy of emotions
Marilia Espirito-Santo
Halls Postdoctoral Fellow
Sycamore Hall 024
mespirit at
Autonomy in Kant's Practical Philosophy


Visiting Scholars

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests Office Hours

Luciano Codato
Visiting Scholar &
Professor, University of Sao Paolo, Brazli

Sycamore Hall 026 lucnervo at

Modern Philosophy, Kant and German Idealism


Emeritus Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Nino B. Cocchiarella
Professor Emeritus
cocchiar at Logic and formal semantics; philosophy of mathematics, language, and science; artificial intelligence and cognitive science
J. Michael Dunn
Oscar Ewing Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
dunn at Information based logics and relations between logic and computer science
Paul D. Eisenberg
Professor Emeritus
Weatherly Hall 111
eisenber at
Philosophies of Plato and Spinoza and, especially, Hegel and Nietzsche
Milton Fisk
Professor Emeritus
fiskm at Applied and health ethics, contemporary continental philosophy, Marxist philosophy, political philosophy, and the history of social and political philosophy
Karen Hanson
Professor Emeritus
hansonk at  
Michael L. Morgan
Professor Emeritus
morganm at Ancient Greek Philosophy to philosophy, religious thought, and political theory in the twentieth century
Dennis M. Senchuk
Professor Emeritus

senchuk at
Action theory, epistemology, metaphysics, moral development, philosophy of education, biology, and psychology
Raymond Smullyan
Oscar R. Ewing Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
  Mathematical logic, set theory, theory of computable functions, mathematical games and puzzles, and Eastern philosophy
Paul Vincent Spade
Professor Emeritus
spade at Medieval philosophy, particularly late medieval logic and semantic theory


Recently Deceased Faculty

Faculty Member Obituary
George Nakhnikian (1920-2012) George Nakhnikian was appointed Chair of the department in 1968 and deserves much of the credit for the department's subsequent rise to national and international prominence. He retired from IU in 1987. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Harvard, and after serving with the United States Army in Europe in the Second World War, he returned to Harvard to earn an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy. His scholarly work in philosophy focused on several great historical figures and on various problems in contemporary moral theory. In addition to his Introduction to Philosophy, published in 1967, he edited or co-edited two important anthologies, Morality and the Language of Conduct (1963) and Bertrand Russell's Philosophy (1974). His last article was published as recently as 2004.

He died on Monday afternoon, July 30, 2012, at age 91.

A Memory Book is available from the department memorial held on April 19th, 2013.


Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Colin Allen
Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Goodbody 113
colallen at
Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Animal Cognition
Barry L. Bull
Professor of Education
W.W. Wright Education Building Room 4240
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Moral status and justification of the education enterprise and of particular education policies
Jordi Cat
Associate Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Goodbody 130
jcat at
Physics, Unity of Science, Application of Mathematics, Application of Mathematics, History of Philosophy of Science, Visual and Material Culture and Cognition
Judy Failer
Associate Professor of Political Science
Woodburn Hall 210
jfailer at
intersection of public law, political philosophy, and ethics and public policy
Amit Hagar
Associate Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Goodbody 120
hagara at
Statistical & Quantum Mechanics, Time, Quantum Information & Computing
Douglas Hofstadter
College Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science
CRCC, 510 N. Fess Ave
dughof at
Cognitive science, computers, artificial intelligence, creativity, intelligence, psychology, thought process
Jeffrey Isaac
Rudy Professor of Political Science
Woodburn Hall 210
isaac at
Contemporary challenges to democratic politics
Daniel M. Leivant
Professor of Computer Science
Lindley Hall 201A
leivant at
Theory of computing, theory of programming languages, mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics
Elisabeth Lloyd
Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
Goodbody Hall 130
ealloyd at
Biology, Models
Luise Prior McCarty
Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education
W.W. Wright Education Building Room 4236
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Philosophy of Education
Lawrence S. Moss
Professor of Mathematics
Rawles Hall 323
lmoss at
Applied logic, coalgebra, natural logic, epistemic logic
William Rasch
Professor of Germanic Studies
Ballantine Hall 654
wrasch at
German philosophical tradition, especially social and political theory
Jutta Schickore
Associate Professor of History and Philosophy of Science
jschicko at Life Sciences, Scientific Practice, History of Philosophy of Science
Brian Schrag
Associate Professor, Retired Executive Director of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
bschrag at Practical and Professional Ethics, research ethics
Aaron Stalnaker
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
astalnak at Comparative religious ethics, Chinese and Christian thought, moral philosophy, theories and philosophy of religion
John Walbridge
Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Culture
Goodbody Hall 222
jwalbrid at
Islamic philosophy; Islamic intellectual history, emphasis on the cultural role of philosophy and science


Emeritus Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
James G. Hart
Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies
Sycamore Hall 007
hart at
Philosophy of Religion; Philosophical Theology; Peace and Conflict studies
Oscar Kenshur
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Adjunct Professor Emeritus of English and Philosophy
okenshur at Interrelations between literature and philosophy
Noretta Koertge
Professor Emeritus of History and Philosophy of Science
koertge at Philosophy of Science
Gerald J. Larson
Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies
glarson at Indian Philosophy; Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion; History of Religions


Librarian for Philosophy

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Catherine Minter
Assistant Librarian for Germanic Studies, French & Italian, Philosophy, Classical Studies, and Linguistics.
(812) 855-1702
cjminter at
German literature and intellectual history of the 18th and 19th centuries; history of librarianship