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Indiana University Bloomington

Spring 2014 Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Undergraduate Winners
Academic Excellence Erica Ridderman
Ewing Essay Prize Nicholas Hartman "Anselm's Proslogion Argument for God's Existence and a Distinction between Definite and Variable Features"
Dona Roberts Biddle Scholarship Rahaf Safi

Graduate Awards

Graduate Winners
Clark Essay Prize Sharon Mason "Externalism for Doxastic Agents?"
Clark Essay Prize (1st & 2nd Year) Daniel Buckley "External World Skepticism and the Practical Constraints View"
Clark Outstanding AI Hao Hong
Ewing Essay Prize Curtis Sommerlatte "Kant's Conception of Cognition and the Starting Point of the Transcendental Deduction"
Academic Excellence Sarah Adams
Nelson Fellowships David Fisher
Krista Rodkey
Nelson Summer Fellowships Sarah Adams
Dylan Black
Zac Ferrell
Noam Hoffer
Tufan Kiymaz
Kevin Mills
Nick Montgomery
Research Incentive Fellowships Emmalon Davis
Hao Hong
Daniel Lindquist
Tim Perrine
Harrison Waldo
CLAS Travel Award Curtis Sommerlatte