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Indiana University Bloomington

The study of philosophy has been part of the curriculum of Indiana University since its founding in 1820. Our graduate program has been nationally recognized for research excellence for the past forty years. Currently, the department's research profile is well balanced across all major areas of philosophical inquiry, with a few areas of notable strength.   Given the added resources of the University's Pure and Applied Logic Program, large and acclaimed Cognitive Sciences Program, the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, and a few philosophers based in other departments, prospective students of philosophy have an exceptionally diverse array of study options and a lively and friendly intellectual community in which to develop.


  • Philosophy Majors Top All Humanities in Earnings Power: There is one humanities major whose graduates are doing quite well in the job marketóand itís philosophy majors. In a recent study of 1.4 million college graduates, a philosophy bachelors degree ranked higher than all other humanities majors in earnings power — from early to late career. Read more...
  • The Philosophy Department is very pleased to announce that Rosa Cao joins the faculty this fall. Professor Cao has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from New York University (2015) and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from MIT (2010). She specializes in Philosophy of Mind, Neuroscience, and Biology, and will be teaching both in philosophy and in cognitive science.
  • The Philosophy Department is also pleased to announce that Janelle DeWitt will be the Ruth Normal Halls Postdoctoral Fellow for 2015-2017. DeWitt received her PhD from UCLA and specializes in Kant's ethics, moral psychology, and the philosophy of emotions.


  • February 12
    "In Defense of Practical Reasons for Belief "
    Stephanie Leary (Rutgers) [abstract]
  • February 15
    "Akratic Action under the Guise of the Good"
    Eugene Chislenko (UC Berkeley) [abstract]
  • February 19
    "The Indispensability of Human Dignity" [abstract]
    Ariel Zylberman (Simon Fraser)
  • All talks in 121 Woodburn, 4-6pm