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Plato: "Euthyphro" General Introduction Pinyin Transcription of Chinese
The Analects of Confucius (Complete) Historical Background Glossary of Key Terms
Mozi: "Universal Love" (Watson translation with commentary) The Confucian School Legendary & Historical "Sages"
Mencius (Selections) Mohism Timeline of Early Chinese Thought
Dao de jing (Complete) Logicians and Philosophers of Language Contrasts in Doctrine, Analects & Mozi
       Table 1: Contrasting Views of Tian 
       Table 2: Contrasting Ethical Structures
Zhuangzi, Inner Chapters (Complete) Mencius readings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Guanzi: "The Inner Enterprise" (Neiye) Dao de jing readings: 1, 2 Powerpoint materials
Xunzi: "Removing Blinders" & "Treatise on Tian" Naturalism MAPS
The Great Learning (Complete) Legalism and Huang-Lao Thought    1.  Rivers of China
The Doctrine of the Mean (Complete) Classicism: The Yijing   2.  Major States c. 500 BCE


Classicism: The Spring and Autumn Annals    3.  Major Powers of the Classical Period
       4.  "Philosophical Map" of Classical China