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The Office of Overseas Study encourages all students to consider making study abroad part of their degree program at Indiana University. And we welcome students of different abilities who meet our eligibility requirements to participate in our programs.

In an attempt to assist you with what may be a challenging transition from your life here in the United States, we:

  • Work closely with the Disability Services for Students' Office regarding your special needs.
  • Will assist you, in conjunction with the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange and Mobility International, in finding the appropriate program for you. 
  • Include sections in our predeparture handbooks about different abilities. 
  • Communicate with program staff abroad about accommodations you may need.

The Access Abroad Web site, developed by the University of Minnesota, also provides resources to assist students with disabilities who wish to study abroad.

While we cannot guarantee that any or all of our program sites can accommodate your needs or interests, we will do our best at informing you of your options abroad. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the study abroad experience, related to your abilities or otherwise, please contact the Office of Overseas Study.

It is vital that IU train students for our country’s growing international responsibilities.”

-Edward L. Hutton, IU Alumnus and Benefactor

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