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Amendments to existing TOPAZ approved protocols

When submitting to the IACUC, the e-mail must come from the
PI's e-mail address.

The form is designed as a Core protocol application with Supplement-Protocol Associate (PA).

The Core and Supplement-Protocol Associate (PA) are required for all applications.

For specific animal procedures, you will need to check item(s) in the Procedures Check List then complete the corresponding Animal Procedure section(s) as a separate file (Section D).

Once the Core, Animal Procedure section(s) and PA Supplement are completed, send all files The IACUC office will combine the Core and Animal Procedure section(s) into one document. The PA Supplement will remain a separate file. The goal with this organization is that you will not have unneeded sections in your protocol, thus making the protocol both shorter in length and quicker to complete for most.

We have also provided an example protocol to provide examples of how to complete the form.

IACUC Protocol Related Forms: