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Animal Care & Use Bloomington

Amending an Existing Protocol

Any change to an existing Animal Care and Use Protocol must be reviewed and approved by the BIACUC prior to initiating the change.

All amendments should incorporate the proposed changes to the study into the most recent version of the approved protocol to produce a modified document that includes the proposed amendment. The preferred method is to use the Track Changes function in WORD to introduce highlighted text. If Track Changes is not used, highlight or otherwise mark all of the changes made to the protocol. Please note that the proposed changes may also require the removal of text that describes procedures that will no longer be used and this should be indicated by using the strike-through function.

An amendment record should be included with the amendment submission. If one is not currently part of your protocol, download a new Amendment Summary Form located on the Forms page, complete the first line (date and summary of requested changes), and submit it with your amended protocol via email attachment to the email listed under 'Contact us' to the left of this page.

There are no deadlines for submitting protocol amendments. Amendments are reviewed at weekly DMR meetings (following pre-review, if necessary) and may be submitted at any time. All amendments are held for a minimum of two (2) full working days to allow members of the BIACUC the opportunity to review them
(External Link PHS Policy IV.C.2).


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