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CITI Completion

All key personnel and any researchers directly interacting with subjects are required to complete CITI education every three years*.

You must complete one of the following courses based on your main area of research:

  • Biomedical researchers: If you are mainly engaged in biomedical research complete: Biomedical Researcher, Stage 1.
  • Social, Behavioral or Educational researchers: If you are mainly engaged in social, behavioral or educational research complete: Social/Behavioral Researchers, Stage 1.
  • *VA researchers: If you are a VA researcher, complete the VA CITI course, and affiliate your CITI account with Indiana University. The VA CITI course fulfills the Indiana University researcher education requirement. The VA requires CITI renewal after two years.
  • Renewing previous certification: When notified to renew your CITI education certification, complete the Biomedical Refresher, Stage 2 (Biomed Refresher 3) or Social/Behavioral Refresher, Stage 2 (SBE Refresher 1) for either biomedical or social/behavioral research, as appropriate.
  • Additional required modules: Depending on the nature of your research, you are required to complete additional available modules.  For example, you are required to complete the module on research with prisoners if your research involves prisoners. In addition, if you have completed one of the above reference tracks and are now conducting research in another, you are required to take additional modules in that second track.

For assistance with affiliating your CITI account with Indiana University, please email

Access the CITI program via the CITI program log-in page.

Kuali Coeus IRB Training

See below for information regarding in-person training and help sessions, as well as available step-by-step instructions and guides.

Web-Based Training:
Instructional Guides and Quick Learning Videos are available for assistance in using KC IRB.

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Classroom Training:
HSO Staff will conduct periodic live training and help sessions for KC IRB related topics.

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Please note: sessions with less than 5 participants registered by the prior business day may be canceled for resource management purposes.