Clinical Research Compliance Office

Anonymous Reporting Hotline

CRCO coordinates resolution of complaints or concerns received via the anonymous reporting hotline which is a toll-free, 24-hour-a-day resource to report concerns. Reports can be made either online at or by calling the toll-free number at 877-526-6752.

Complaints or Concerns

For complaints or concerns please call our anonymous hotline or web alert link:

  • 877-526-6752

Supervision of Hotline: To ensure anonymity, the university contracts with a third-party reporting service provider for the compliance hotline. This hotline is staffed and managed by a respected company that is not affiliated with Indiana University and provides this service to the University under contract.

Anonymity: Anyone who uses the hotline may provide their name or contact information, or may choose to remain anonymous.

What to expect when making a report: When you call the hotline, a trained communication specialist will ask you a series of questions to better understand the nature of your concern.¬† When you report via the hotline’s web site, you are asked a series of questions and have the option to attach documentation. The communication specialist and website management of the hotline is an unbiased, third-party professional concerned with your best interests. The vendor generates a detailed report that is sent directly to the Clinical Research Compliance Office who will coordinate a review of the issue by the appropriate University officials. All issues reported to the hotline are investigated and the appropriate action is taken. As much ¬†complete information you can provide will allow for a more thorough and quick investigation and resolution of your concern.

Non-Retaliation: Retaliation against any employee who has submitted a complaint or concern is strictly prohibited. Accusations of retaliation will be taken very seriously and agitators will face disciplinary action. Reports should only be made in good faith.

Resolution: All hotline concerns are resolved as quickly as possible.

Role of Legal Counsel: The Clinical Research Compliance Office consults with the University’s General Counsel when necessary and appropriate.


Mechanisms for reporting a complaint/concern/issue

  • Hotline
  • Web alert link
  • Direct contacts