Valeri Haughton

Valeri Haughton is a Judge for the Monroe County Circuit Court. An African-American woman and a lifelong Democrat. Her entire adult life has been in public service. The legal profession is my second career - She was a mental health counselor for about twenty years.
She enrolled in law school when she was 40, a divorced mother of three. She worked in the State Public Defender's office (Capital Division) while still in law school as a law clerk and investigator. She then worked as a deputy prosecuting attorney for twelve years. Since January, 2005, she have worked as a consultant at I U Bloomington doing research on the history of Blacks at Indiana University.
Remarried and now have five children and sixteen grandchildren. She is active in the community: She serve on the Human Rights Commission, the Community Kitchen Board and the Youth Services Board and am a member of the Bar Association and NAACP.

She believe that as a judge, she can make an important and helpful difference and add value to the judiciary and our community. There are too many people who have to go to court without realizing their rights and without having those rights adequately explained to them. There are too many people who feel they are unseen and/or unheard - virtually invisible-in our legal system. Those who are historically marginalized and disenfranchised (i.e. the poor, people of color, women) need to know that the judges before whom they appear will treat them fairly, with respect and honesty. She am committed to being such a judge.