Luis Enrique López

Luis Enrique López-Hurtado Quiroz, a Peruvian sociolinguist and educator, obtained his first degree in Linguistics and Literature at the Catholic University of Peru, in Lima; afterwards he pursued postgraduate studies in Linguistics for Language Teaching and Sociolinguistics at the University of Lancaster in the late seventies and early eighties. He first worked as a university lecturer in applied linguistics and in the sociolinguistics of intercultural bilingual education in his country of origin as well as in universities of Ecuador and Guatemala. He has specialized in the design, development and evaluation of educational programs in indigenous multilingual and multicultural contexts.

He has published extensively in the fields of sociolinguistics, linguistics applied to education, and language and educational planning both in Peru and in various other countries. Articles by him, both in Spanish and English, have been published in journals such as Multilingual and Multicultural Development (Clevendon, England), International Journal of the Sociology of Language (Berlin & New York), Educación (OAS, Washington, D.C.), Prospects, Quarterly Review on Comparative Education (Geneva), Revista Iberoamericana de Educacion (Madrid), América Indígena (Mexico), Revista Andina (Cuzco, Peru) and in collective books published in The Basque Country, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. His most important books are Lengua (Santiago de Chile 1988), Aprendizaje y enseñanza de castellano como segunda lengua (Guatemala 1993), Sobre las huellas de la voz and Abriendo la escuela (Madrid 1998 & 2003), Movimientos indígenas y Estado en Bolivia (La Paz 2005), De resquicios a boquerones. La educación intercultural bilingüe en Bolivia (La Paz 2005), Diversidad y Ecología del Lenguaje en Bolivia (La Paz 2006) and La educación intercultural bilingüe en América Latina bajo examen (2006). He is a member of various professional organizations and of the editorial boards of Linguas Indigenas (Brazil), Trabalhos de Lingüística Aplicada (Brazil), Language Policy (USA & The Netherlands), Prospects (Geneva), the International Journal of Intercultural Education (UK) and of the Encyclopedia of Language and Education (Springer). He is also a member of the international scientific advisory committe of the Generalitat de Catalunya for its Linguamon world project and of the Linguapax International Institute. At present he also cooperates as an international scientific advisor for the preparation of the UNESCO World Report on Cultural Diversity. In October 2007 He was appointed Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universidad Mayor de San Simón.

Between 1996 and 2007, he worked in Cochabamba, Bolivia as Principal Advisor -on behalf of the German Technical Co-operation Agency (GTZ)- at the Programa de Formación en Educación Intercultural Bilingüe para los Países Andinos (PROEIB Andes), and in such a capacity he promoted the development of a specialized information, documentation and training regional network between universities, ministries of education and indigenous organizations of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru for the development of intercultural bilingual education. He was also responsible for a new indigenous tertiary education joint project with the Fondo para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas de América Latina y el Caribe, which is setting up a network of Latin American universities belonging to 9 different countries working with and for indigenous university students in the areas of Indigenous Rights, Intercultural Health and Medicine and Intercultural Bilingual Education. From October 2007 onwards he moved to Guatemala where he is now the Coordinator of the Programa de Apoyo a la Calidad de la Educación, where special attention is given to the implementation of quality language education programs in multiethnic contexts.