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Third Year, Fiction

JT grew up on the North Shore of Long Island. His mother is Colombian by birth, and his extended family in Medellín is so large their numbers easily dwarf Gabo’s Buendías. He earned a BFA in toy design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and worked for Fisher-Price Brands designing Barney and Dora the Explorer toys. He went back to school for a BA in literature at SUNY Purchase. There he started writing fiction, and he cofounded and later became editor-in-chief of The Submission, a student-run interdisciplinary arts journal. Before moving to Bloomington he lived in the East Bay with his wife, July, and their dog, an affectionate but mordacious terrier mix named Cutty. For the past five years JT has reluctantly made a living as a trademark researcher, and he is eagerly looking forward to the opportunity of studying creative writing at Indiana University.