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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements - Master's Degree in Medical Physics

Prerequisites for the Master's in Medical Physics

Successful applicants are expected to have completed a majority of the following course prerequisites. For all applicants, any deficiencies in the courses listed below must be removed following acceptance to the program.

  • 3 upper level courses in Physics
  • 3 courses in calculus


All graduate students in Medical Physics work through the core Medical Physics courses and then follow one of two specialized tracks: Therapeutic Radiological Physics or Diagnostic (Imaging) Radiological Physics.


  • Professional Ethics (select one)
    • PHYS-P 804 Readings in Ethics
      • ABR/ACR/RSNA/AAPM/ASTRO/ARR/ARS Online Modules on Ethics and Professionalism
      • CITI University of Miami Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (online)
  • Clinical Rotation
    • P683 Radiation Oncology Physics Clinical Rotation [required of students pursuing the Radiation Oncology Physics Track]


    • P683 Diagnostic Imaging Practicum [required of students pursuing the Diagnostic Imaging Track]
  • Completion and acceptance of a Thesis based on independent Research
    or successful completion of a Comprehensive Examination

Recommended Electives


Degree Requirements - Certificate in Medical Physics

Prerequisites for the Certificate in Medical Physics

Doctoral degree in Physics or a related degree with undergraduate courses equivalent to a minor in physics.


Course # Alternate* Course Instructor

PHYS-P 576

HSCI 570

Introduction to Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Keith Stantz

PHYS-P 572

HSCI 572

Radiation Oncology Physics

Susan Klein

PHYS-P 526

HSCI 526

Priciples of Health Physics and Dosimetry

Keith Stantz

PHYS-P 578

HSCI 540

Radiation Biophysics

Susan B. Klein

ANAT-A 580 [various] Human Anatomy for Medical Imaging Evaluation Valarie O'Loughlin
PHYS-P 709

HSCI 574

Medical Health Physics Jason Harris

The total of 18 credits can be completed in two semesters.