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Nathan AbbottNathan Abbott
Mon, Wed | 12:20 - 1:10 pm
Cravens C
Class#: 12128

Hi, I’m Nathan Abbott!  I’m a junior studying Telecommunications with a focus in Game Design and a minor in Computer Science.  At Collins I am the BOEP Co-Chair, Head Tech for programs, and your Q-teacher.  I enjoy playing video games and board games, reading comics, hanging out with my friends.  If you ever have a question about video games or just want to play, look me up!  I’m always ready for a challenge.  I can’t wait to meet all of my new students!


Dan ArndtDan Arndt
Mon, Wed | 11:15 - 12:05 pm
Ed Basement
Class#: 12136

Hey Howdy Hey Collinsites! I’m Dan and I’m a junior majoring in English and Political Science. I can’t wait to help you experience all the awesome stuff both here at Collins and around IU! When I’m not teaching Q, you can find me at BOEP as a programmer, designing posters for major events, or just hanging out in Collins.  I love talking (sometimes too much) and if you want to chat you can find me around.  I’d be happy to give you a hand with advice and tips on anything, or just to talk about the newest Doctor Who episode that came out. Allons-Y!


Nick BairdNick Baird
Mon, Wed | 9:05 - 9:55 am
Cravens B
Class#: 12133

Hello new Collinsites! I am a Junior pre-med student majoring in chemistry. I'm a member of BOEP and the weekend events coordinator for Collins. I enjoy skiing, playing Magic the Gathering, and League of Legends. I spent my freshman year at Forest and my sophomore year at Collins. I can tell you I'm jealous that you get to spend your freshman year at here. I'm looking for meeting you and hope that you come to love Collins as much as I have!


Jane BaldwinJane Baldwin
Mon, Wed | 10:10 - 11:00 am
Cravens C
Class#: 12130

Hello and welcome new Collinsites! My name is Jane Baldwin and I am a third-year Collins resident majoring in Public Management. In my free time I can usually be found climbing at Hoosier Heights, spending time with the women of Alpha Sigma Alpha, knitting, or eating breakfast foods. I have lived in many different towns but Bloomington has become my home over the past two years. I am so excited to introduce you to the wonderful communities you are now a part of: Bloomington, IU and Collins!


Rachel CarpenterRachel Carpenter
Tues, Thurs | 10:10 - 11:00 am
Ed Basement
Class#: 9190

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I'm a junior double majoring in English and Comparative Mythology. I run the literary arts programs as well as working at the Chesh as a barista. I know an obscene amount of random facts, and have an irrational amount of books in my apartment. Can't wait to meet you in the fall!


Nandita ChittajalluNandita Chittajallu
Mon, Wed | 2:30 - 3:20 pm
Cravens C
Class#: 12132

Welcome new Collinsites! My name is Nandita Chittajallu, and this is my fourth year living at Collins. I am a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Animal Behavior and Psychology with the hope of going on to be a veterinarian. As such I’m an animal fanatic; I love them all, especially my pet rabbit. If you’re looking for somebody to talk to for hours on end about your pets, I’m your girl. As far as my other interests, I have a slight obsession with chocolate chip cookies, taking pictures, and playing Frisbee. I also really enjoy playing racquetball, watching movies with friends, shopping in antique stores, hiking, exploring Bloomington, and volunteering. I relish meeting new people and hearing about their lives so come share your stories with me!


Stephanie CoronaStephanie Corona
Tues, Thurs | 1:00 - 1:50 pm
Ed Basement
Class#: 12142

Hey cool cats! My name is Stephanie Corona. I am a senior majoring in marketing as well as studio art with a concentration in graphic design. Collins mean a lot to me--so much that I sold my soul to the gnomes and served as Collins President last year! Q class is an opportunity to learn about all that Collins has to offer and become acclimated to college life. We'll do discussions, activities, and even field trips! Get pumped! Get excited! I can't wait to meet you and get started!


Becca DagueBecca Dague
Tues, Thurs | 10:10 - 11:00 am
Cravens C
Class#: 12140

Aloha future Collinsites! My name is Becca and I'm a third year here at Collins majoring in English with a focus in Creative Writing and Gender Studies, as well as minoring in American History. In my free time you can find me reading Harry Potter fanfiction, writing the next Great American Novel, talking loudly about James Franco's ickiness, daydreaming about One Direction, or wishing I was a Kardashian. As much as I love talking about myself, I'm also beyond excited to get to know all of you, as well as teach you a little bit about Collins and Indiana University! 


Courtney DodgeCourtney Dodge
Tues, Thurs | 4:00 - 4:50 pm
Ed Basement
Class#: 12144

Greetings, Q-lings! I'm Coco, a junior majoring in Arts Management. I'm super excited about teaching Q this year! I'm the Board of Educational Programmers Secretary here in Collins. I also participate in the Collins Writers Society and was a Purchaser for Welcome Week. In my free time think of witty comebacks and search for meaning in life. Can't wait to see some of you in class!


Nicole EhleringerNicole Ehleringer
Mon, Wed | 9:05 - 9:55 am
Cravens C
Class#: 12137

Hi, everyone! My name is Nicole Ehleringer and I am super pumped to maybe-potentially be your instructor! I’m a third-year Collinsite hailing from Cleveland, Ohio; my majors are French and Gender Studies, though something else might jump into the mix before I’m done. When I’m not writing papers or studying, I enjoy reading (favorite genres: alternate-history and historical nonfiction), crocheting tiny animals, and listening to gothic rock from the 1980s. When I’m on main quad I can typically be found in one of the Cravens lounges—say hi if you spot me!


Cleo HernandezCleo Hernandez
Tues, Thurs | 4:00 - 4:50 pm
Cravens B
Class#: 12143

Hello! I am Cleo Hernandez, a sophomore at Collins studying Political Science and Policy Analysis, and super excited to possibly be your instructor in the Fall.  Collins is a fantastic place to live at Indiana University, and has given me so many great opportunities.  I am the Chair of Community Council, a member of BOEP, and I was one of your Welcome Week Co-Chairs.  In my free time I am usually running my diversity organization (Diversity in Action a group at the Hutton Honors College), studying, listening to alternative or grunge rock, or just chilling in the Cheshire Café or Formal Lounge.  I am looking forward to meeting you in the fall, and good luck for a fantastic year!


Kelsey KempKelsey Kemp
Tues, Thurs | 5:45 - 6:35 pm
Ed Basement
Class#: 12138

Bonjour and welcome to Collins! I'm Kelsey, one of the returning Q-instructors. I'm majoring in French and History and have a minor in Spanish. I love traveling to new places and have a soft spot for languages and historical battles. I'm one of the photographers for the Lanturn, the Collins yearbook, and am member on the Arts Council as well. This year I'm Senior here at IU and this semester will be my last, so I hope to make the most of it with y'all!


Jamie KendrickJamie Kendrick
Mon, Wed | 1:25 - 2:15 pm
Cravens B
Class#: 12131

I'm Jamie Kendrick and I'm a Sociology Major with minors in both Psychology and Creative Writing. I spend most of my time singing loudly around the Quad, or living at the WIUX radio station. I love music and I listen to anything from opera to Britney Spears to NWA to Bjork to Hole to Dolly Parton, my taste changes every couple days. I love movies and I try to watch as many as possible! I've been known to gab on for hours about Paul Thomas Anderson and Harmony Korine, so feel free to strike up a conversation with me! I also like to do yoga as much as I can, and it's my de-stresser of choice. I look forward to meeting you and joining you on your journey through IU and Collins!


Kris KrumbKris Krumb
Mon, Wed | 3:35 - 4:25 pm
Cravens C
Class#: 12134

Hiya! I’m Kris Krumb, a senior studying Telecommunications and Gender Studies who has been described as “a fine young man.” Also, I am a Q199 Instructor, the Yearbook Editor for Collins, and I (sometimes) write for the Collins Columns. My free time is spent writing songs, playing video games, doodling, and reading philosophy. I also like people and the concept of community, which is why I’m a Q Instructor. Living at Collins has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am excited to share the ways of the Gnome with ya’ll.


Sam LozaSam Loza
Tues, Thurs | 10:10 - 11:00 am
Cravens B
Class#: 12129

Hello new Collinsites! Welcome to Collins! My name is Samantha Loza, and I am one of the Q-instructors for this fall. I am a senior majoring in neuroscience and minoring in music, with future plans of going to medical school. I love reading, singing, Harry Potter, and being in pageants (no, not beauty pageants). I'm also very involved in Collins, and am Co-Chair of BOEP, and one of the planners for Harry Potter week! You can often find me hanging out in the Edmondson Formal Lounge, or in the Coffeehouse. Collins is a great place, and this is my fourth year here now, so if you have any questions about anything regarding Collins, IU, or Bloomington don't be afraid to ask! I look forward to meeting you!


Lauren ThomasLauren Thomas
Tues, Thurs | 11:15 - 12:05 pm
Cravens C
Class#: 12139

Greetings incoming Collinsites! My name is Lauren Thomas, and I am a junior studying psychology and German here at IU. When I’m not busy reading about brains, you can find me in the textiles studio weaving, or crocheting cute cupcakes in some corner of Collins. I have been active in a variety of Collins groups including Community Council, Executive Board, and Arts Council, and encourage you to get involved with running where you live! I’m excited to welcome you here to Collins, Indiana University, and Bloomington, and can’t wait to guide you through the upcoming weeks!


Grant ThompsonGrant Thompson
Tues, Thurs | 11:15 - 12:05 pm
Cravens C
Class#: 12135

My name is Grant Thompson and I am a junior and have lived in Collins for all my time here at IU and have plans to live here next year. I’m a Kelley student and a TA for the X-201 (computers in business). I love to play video games with my friends and when it is nice out, you can expect me to be outside playing Frisbee. Throughout the year, you can find me roaming around Collins, and if I’m at the coffeehouse, stop by and chat for a while.