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  1. Read the proposal guidelines.  Find out what the student-run Board of Education Programming (BOEP) looks for in a Collins seminar course.
  2. Schedule a consultation.  Once you've got a basic outline of your course idea and have located some possible readings and activities, we recommend you arrange for a consultation with a member of BOEP.  Follow this link to get information on how to request a consultation. If you have other questions, please e-mail the Collins Director.
  3. Design a syllabus. When you are ready to submit your proposal be sure to attach a detailed weekly syllabus to the proposal form.  It should indicate the purposes/objectives for the course; assignments to be competed, evaluation criteria (including grading protocals), and grade weightings; a weekly outline of topics to be covered, including readings and other assignments, over the course of the semester; due dates for assignments, examinations, special events, and so forth. 
  4. Complete a proposal form.
  5. Vitae and references: Submit a current curriculum vitae and two letters of reference, if you are not a tenure-track faculty member at Indiana University. NOTE: graduate students and lecturers must submit letters of reference. These letters can be sent via e-mail to:
  6. Submit your proposal packet: There are two deadlines per year: October 15 (for courses to be taught the following fall) and March 15 (for courses to be taught the following spring). Completed proposal packets should be e-mailed to

    If you are unable to e-mail your completed proposal packet, you may mail it or hand deliver it to the address below. A proposal packet contains ALL of the following: a seminar course proposal form, a course abstract, a detailed course syllabus, a current curriculum vitae, and two letters of reference (these can be mailed or e-mailed in separately if needed).

    Collins LLC Director
    Attn: Course Proposal
    Collins Living-Learning Center
    541 N. Woodlawn Avenue
    Bloomington, IN 47406-7500