Fall 2012 Linguistics Colloquium Series

12 September – Andrew Nevins, University College London
Title: Hierarchical contrast: Whistled languages as extreme vowel reduction

2 November – Tessa Bent, IU
Title: The Perception of Foreign-Accented Speech: Development and Individual Differences

6 November – Maria Gouskova, New York University
Title: Phonotactic selectional restrictions in Russian diminutives

9 November – David Stringer, IU
Title: The Syntax of Modifiers in Second Language Acquisition

Spring 2012 Linguistics Colloquium Series

23 March – Steven Franks, IU
Title: Why Slovenian Orphans Receive Special Treatment

2 March – César Félix-Brasdefer, IU
Title: The Pragmatics of Email Discourse

24 February – Ewa Willim, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland
Title: (Un)interpretable gender: On the feature valuation/interpretability biconditional in Minimalist Theory

Fall 2011 Linguistics Colloquium Series

4 November – Steven Abney, University of Michigan
Title: The Digitization of Language

14 October – Jonathan Dalby, Communication Disorders Technology
Title: Second-language speech intelligibility training

30 September – Joel Tetrault, Educational Testing Services
Title: All Your Essay Are Belong To Us: Automatically scoring test-taker writing with e-rater

Spring 2011 Linguistics Colloquium Series

14 January – Brian Jose, Indiana University
Title: Dialect contact and language change in Indiana’s non-Midland Communities

4 February – Vicki Anderson, Indiana University
Title: Bidialectalism in Intense Language Variety Contact: An "Unexpected" Development in the Death of Pennsylvania Dutchified English

11 February – Evie Malaia
Title: Verbal event structure affects thematic role processing: ERP evidence for lexicon-syntax interface

4 March – Mitsuaki Yoneyama
Title: Motion Events in English and Japanese

9 March – Carole Paradis
Title: Preservation and Deletion in Loan Words

1 April – Nola Stephens
Title: The interplay between lexical semantics and discourse in children's early constructions

8 April – Grant Goodall
Title: Experimental Explorations of ECP and Island Effects

Fall 2010 Linguistics Colloquium Series

Information to be posted soon...

Spring 2010 Linguistics Colloquium Series

12 March –Steven Franks, Indiana University
Title: Spell-Out as Interface Optimization
This talk takes place in Ballantine Hall (BH) Room 103 at 4:00pm

12 March –Michael White, Ohio State University
Title: Generating with Discourse Combinatory Categorial Grammar
This talk takes place in Ballantine Hall (BH) Room 103 at 3:45pm

26 March –Ben Munson, University of Minnesota

2 April – Tracy Hall, Indiana University

20 April – Chungmin Lee, Seoul National University

30 April – Anthony Kroch, University of Pennsylvania

Spring 2009 Linguistics Colloquium Series

30 January – Jeffrey Heath, University of Michigan

6 February – Bob Port, Indiana University

13 February – Adam Albright, MIT

20 February – Barbara Bullock, Pennsylvania State University

27 February – Julia Hockenmaier, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

24 April – Lauri Karttunen, Stanford University

Fall 2008 Linguistics Colloquium Series

9/19 – John Goldsmith, University of Chicago
Title: Optimization is the answer. Now, what is the question?
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 4:00 PM.

10/3 – Betty S. Phillips, Indiana State University
Title: Lexical Diffusion: Conceptions and Misconceptions
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 3:30 PM.

10/31 – Lenore Grenoble, Dartmouth
Title: Contact-induced change, language attrition and incomplete learning: Russian-Evenki contact in Siberia
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 3:30 PM.

11/4 – Hideki Kishimoto, Kobe University
Title: Focusing and Subject Positions in Japanese
This talk takes place in Ballantine 347 at 4:00 PM.

11/21 – David Odden, The Ohio State University
Title: Features Impinging on Tone
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 3:30 PM.

Spring 2008 Linguistics Colloquium Series

1/23 – Damir Ćavar, University of Zadar
Title: The Croatian Language Repository; Quantitative and Qualitative Resources for Linguistic Research and Language Technologies
This talk takes place in Ballantine 340 at 5:30 PM.

2/1 – Carmel O'Shannessy, University of Michigan
Title: Language contact and acquisition: a new mixed language in northern Australia
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 3:30PM.

2/15 – Elena Benedicto, Purdue University
Title: What must be, and what needs not be, in obligation modality: Mayangna ghost modals
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 3:30PM.

2/29 – Yvon Rose, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Title: Addressing Child Language Phonological Phenomena in Their Proper Context: Empirical and Formal Considerations

3/25 – Chilin Shih, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Phonetic Implementation Model of Mandarin Tones

3/28 – Isabelle Darcy, Indiana University
Title: The nature and scope of phonological knowledge in a first and a second language: Insights from phonological alternations
this talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 3:30pm.

4/11 – Alexander Francis, Purdue University
Title: Features, not phonemes: Implications of laboratory training studies for L2 acquisition
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 4PM.

4/18 – John Bailyn, SUNY Stony Brook
Title: Paradoxes of Binding Theory (and their possible resolutions)
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103 at 4:30PM.

Fall 2007 Linguistics Colloquium Series

9/13 – Caroline Féry, University of Potsdam
Title: The localization of given and new objects in space: grammar and cognition
This talk takes place in Ballantine 148 at 4:00 PM.

9/21 – Jennifer Cole, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Title: Emergent feature structures: Harmony systems in exemplar models of phonology.
This talk takes place in Ballantine 103.

10/5 – Brian D. Joseph, The Ohio State University
Title: Paradigmatic and Inflectional Change: Some Theoretical Lessons

10/19 – Diane Brentari, Caroline Gonzalez and Amanda Seidl, Purdue University
Title: Perception of sign language prosodic cues by signers and non-signers

11/2 – Rusty Barrett, University of Kentucky
Title: Language revitalization and change in K'ichean

11/7 – Detmar Meurers, The Ohio State University (this talk takes place in Ballantine 228 at 5:30 PM)
Title: Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning – An Opportunity for Interdisciplinary Research

12/7 – Rich Janda, Indiana University
Title: A Cartridge in a Pear Tree

Spring 2007 Linguistics Colloquium Series

2/2 – Bob Port, IU Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Title: ‘High-D Phonology’: A new approach to linguistics but without phonetic segments

2/16 – Aloysius Ngefac, University of Yaoundé
Title: Cameroon Pidgin English: Status, attitudes and functions

2/23: Nitya Sethuraman, IU Psychology – This talk has been postponed –

3/2: Michael Adams, IU English
Title: Watch What You Say: Television, New Media, and Language Change

3/30: Linguistics Student Conference

4/6: Scott Kiesling – University of Pittsburgh
Title: Style as stance: Can stance be the primary explanation for patterns of sociolinguistic variation?

4/20: Chris Beckwith – Indiana University
Title: Three Fruit Banana : Phoronyms and the Pseudopartitive Construction

Fall 2006 Linguistics Colloquium Series

9/7 – Catherine Rudin, Wayne State University
Title: Multiple Wh-Fronting, Free Relatives, Correlatives, and the [±MFS] Split

9/15 – Fred Eckman, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Title: Contrast in Second Language Acquisition
Friday, September 15 in Ballantine 347 at 3:30 PM

9/28 – LinguistList, Anthony Aristar and Helen Aristar-Dry, Eastern Michigan University
Title: TBA

10/5 – Elizabeth Winkler, Western Kentucky University
Title: A Gender-based Analysis of Tag Questions in Limonese Creole

10/12 – Kazutaka Kurisu, Kobe College
Title: Positional and Segmental Licensing in Japanese Mimetic Palatalization

10/19 – Robert Botne, Indiana University
Title: Tense and cognitive space: On the organization of tense/aspect systems in Bantu and beyond

10/26 – Gregory Stump, University of Kentucky
Title: Principal parts and morphological typology

11/2 – Richard Janda, Indiana University
Title: “If You Go, You Can’t Come Back” Revisited: On Relexicalizations and Other Upgradings of Grammaticalized Forms

Comments or suggestions for future speakers? Email adlanham@indiana.edu

Linguistics Colloquium Spring 2005

  • October 15 3:30 - 5:00
    Betty Phillips (Indiana State University)
    AE-Raising: Now and Then
  • November 5 5:00 - 6:30
    Kemp Williams (Language Analysis Systems)
    A Multivariate Analysis of Automated Surname classification
  • November 8 4:00 - 5:30
    Don Winford (Ohio State University)
    Current Issues in Language Contact Studies
  • November 18 5:30 - 7:00
    Joan Bybee (University of New Mexico)
    Phonetic Variation: Hearer-Based and Speaker- Based Factors
  • March 4 3:30 - 5:00 BH 005
    Andries Coetzee (University of Michigan)
    Variation as Accessing "Non-Optimal" Candidates
  • March 25 3:30 - 5:00 BH 005
    Zsuzsanna Fagyal (University of Illinois, Urbana- Champagne)
    Testing the Limits: The Prosodic Domain of Liaison as Social Stereotype
  • April 1 3:30 - 5:00 BH 146
    Arto Anttila (Stanford University)
    Variation and Phonological Theory
  • April 4 4:00 - 5:30 BH 006
    Farrell Ackerman (University of California, San Diego)
    Cooperating Constructions in Tundra Nenets
  • April 20 2:30 - 3:45 Room TBA
    Diane Brentari (Purdue University) Room TBA
    Title TBA
  • Lectures organized by other departments and cosponsored by Linguistics

  • November 5
    Carmen Silva-Corvalán (University of Southern California)
    Language maintenance and shift: The case of Spanish in the USA
    Organized by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • April 11 4:00 - 5:00 Oak Room
    Bernard Cerquiglini (Louisiana State University)
    European Multilingualism
    Organized by the Department of French and Italian