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MARS Web Site Survey

February 4, 2003

The MARS Publications Committee needs YOUR input! ALA is changing its Web site and the MARS Web site will change as well. As we plan for the new MARS site, we would like to hear more from individual MARS members and committee participants about ways the site can do a better job in providing information to you. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. We need to hear from you by Monday, March 3, 2003. Watch for the new site on April 1.

1. Why do you use the MARS Web site? Please select all that apply.
To keep up to date with MARS news and events
To use MARS Publications and Resources
To look up general information about MARS
To find MARS committee information

Other, please describe:
I don't use the Web site because

2. How often do you view the MARS Web site?
Several times a year

3. What would you like to see added or featured more prominently on the Mars Web site?

4. What do you think should be removed from the MARS Web site?

5. What areas need to be updated more often?

6. Are the categories and links clear?

If your response is No, how could the labels and links be made more clear?

7. Would you like to see the Web site organized by the type of audience? For example, an area for committee members, a members-only portal, and an area for non-members?

If yes, how would you like to see the page divided?

8. How did you find out about the MARS Web site?

9. Are you a member of a Mars committee?
No (if No, skip to the last question - #13)

10. Does your committee have a Web page?
Don't know

11. What kind of information is on your committee's Web page? Please select all that apply.
Committee mission/charge/purpose
Committee roster
Minutes of committee meetings
Past and current committee activities, projects, and/or publications
Contact information
Link to the MARS committee interest form


12. How could your committee's Web page be improved?

13. Do you have additional comments and/or suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey!

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