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The Welles mss. II, ca. 1931-1994, consists of individual items about or relating to Orson Welles. Arranged chronologically.

  • Gift and purchase. Various sources and dates
  • 25 items


  1. Report and honor card from Todd School for Boys for Welles. Both signed by principal, Roger Hill, and dated Jan. 30, 1931.
    Purchase. Newberry Library. 1994
  2. The Mercury Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, July 1939. The Mercury Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, June 1938. Two audio cassettes taped from LPs in The Mercury Shakespeare textbook series. May not be reproduced.
    Gift. Donor unknown.
  3. The "Bravades" for Rebecca, A Portfolio of Pictures Made for Rebecca Welles by her Father, Christmas 1956. Photocopy. [69pp]. Includes two postcards illustrated with photographs of Orson Welles.
    Gift. Rebecca Welles. 1990
  4. It's Not Quite All True, by Richard Wilson. Undated photocopy of an article which appeared in Sight and Sound in response to an article: It's All True, by Charles Higham which appeared in the same magazine, Spring, 1970. 2 copies.
  5. Orson Welles starring in Norman Corwin's "14 August" and excerpts from William Shakespeare's tragedy "King Lear" with Orson Welles & Agnes Moorehead. A George Garabedian Production. 1980. 33 1/3 LP
  6. Citizen Kane. The Criterion Collection. Jackets and box only for laserdiscs. 1984. 2nd printing 1985.
  7. Two issues of Cahiers du Cinema: a. No. 375, Septembre 1985. Contains article "It's All True" d'Orson Welles: A la recherche du film fantôme, par Bill Krohn; b. Hors séries No. 12: Orson Welles
  8. Orson Welles Tribute--Nov. 2, 1985. Raw footage used for "Remembering Orson" Property of Frank Beacham, Television Matrix. 8 reels on three broadcast videotape cassettes. ARCHIVAL COPIES, MAY NOT BE USED.
    Gift. Richard Wilson via Frank Beacham. 1986
  9. Remembering Orson, recorded at The Director's Guild Theater, November 2, 1985. 1/2 inch VHS videotape. 2 copies.
    Gift. Richard Wilson
  10. Welles memorial tribute. Nov. 2, 1985. 3 audiotape cassettes.
  11. [Tributes to Orson Welles]: All Hail Orson! By Jeanette Nolan and John McIntyre. 1p.; Message from: Dennis Weaver. 1p.; Message: John Cassevetes. 1p.; Letter from Hollywood: "Thank you, Mr. Welles", by Bill Krohn. 20pp.; Letter from Hollywood: "It's All True"--Lost and Found, by Bill Krohn. 19pp.
  12. Orson Welles: What went wrong? Robert Guenette Productions, Inc. Nov. 10, 1992. 1/2 inch VHS videotape, 57:30 minutes.
    Gift. Robert Guenette. 1993
  13. It's All True based on an unfinished film by Orson Welles. Paramount Pictures. 1993/color/b&w/86 min./stereo. 1/2 inch VHS videotape. c. 1994
  14. Rehearsal for commercial. 4:00 on one audiotape cassette. Includes other taped segments unrelated to Welles. Welles commercial begins approximately 2:45 into Side A. n.d.
    Gift. Kulgin Duval. Scotland.
  15. Portions of an autobiography of Roger Hill. Contains only those pages which pertain to Orson Welles. Photocopy. [31pp.]
  16. The Dreamers, a film by Orson Welles. Mimeograph script. 1979. 147 pp.
    Purchase. Paul Mayersberg. England. 2000