Landscape Architecture is responsible for planning, designing and managing all aspects of site and landscape improvements for new construction and renovation of existing University facilities. Our staff is involved in the preparation of master, landuse and open space plans to assist in future development strategies for our campuses.

I hope our alumni will always insist upon retention of our precious islands of green and serenity - our most precious physical asset, transcending even classrooms, libraries, and laboratories in their ability to inspire students to dream long dreams of future usefulness and achievement - dreams that are an essential part of undergraduate college experience.”

—Herman B Wells, 1962
address to alumni.


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    Certificate in the Organic Management of Orchards
    6:30-8:30 pm
    Tuesday, January 13, 2015
    Hilltop Garden & Nature Center 2367 E. 10th St. Bloomington, IN 47408

    In this eight-week class series, learn how to use organic methods in the management of orchards and earn a Certificate in the Organic Management of Orchards (COMO). The class covers site selection and modification, soil evaluation and amendment, orchard floor management, cultivar selection, grafting, pollination requirements, planting techniques, pruning, insect pest monitoring and management, plant pathology and disease control, irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting and fruit handling. Hands-on training opportunities and optional field trips are included. Passing a final examination is required for certification, but anyone may take the course for personal enrichment without taking the exam. A reference notebook is included in the registration fee.

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    Growing Organic Pome Fruits
    2-4 pm
    Saturday, January 31, 2015
    Hilltop Garden & Nature Center 2367 E. 10th St. Bloomington, IN 47408

    Learn to grow pome fruits (apples and pears) in the home landscape by using organic management strategies. Topics include cultivar selection, pollination requirements, planting, pruning, nutrient budgeting, irrigation, pest and disease control, and harvesting and storage of fruit. Enjoy safe, nutritious, and delicious apples and pears for cooking or eating out of hand without spending a fortune. Questions about existing trees are welcome. Co-sponsored by Bloomingfoods, the Bloomington Community Orchard, Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, and the Free University of Monroe County.

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