Indiana University Bloomington


LaCL @ IU (2010-)

LaCL at Indiana University is being set up. Weatherly 120 is a meeting room/lounge. Weatherly 118 is used for running experiments. Currently we have two Dell OptiPlex 790 working stations with E-Prime installed. A brand-new EEG system manufactured by BrainVision, the actiCHamp system, is recently set up in our lab. Prof. Lin also collaborates with various other language-related faculty on campus; therefore, an array of other psycholinguistic methodology is available.




LaCL @ National Taiwan Normal University (2006-2010) (click to read more)


The Language and Cognition Lab at NTNU is equipped with computers and software to run linguistic experiments. It has been equipped to run self-paced reading tasks, lexical decision tasks, speech perception experiments (e.g., vowel and tone monitoring tasks), on-line grammaticality judgements, and cross-modal lexical decision tasks. It is equipped with E-Prime 2.0 PRO, response boxes, PCs, Macs, and an Eye-Link 2k eye-tracker.