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The Language and Cognition Lab (LaCL) is an experimental linguistics lab directed by Professor Charles Lin at Indiana University. LaCL conducts research on the cognitive aspects of language, focusing on sentence and discourse processing, lexical access, phonological awareness, speech perception, and language acquisition. We are also interested in the interrelation between language and other cognitive capacities such as mathematics, space, and music.



  • Happy New Year! Welcome to Spring 2019!
  • The Fulbright scholar, Siqi Lyu, who was with us a few years ago, has finished her dissertation in China and has come back to Bloomington to visit us! As an in-house eye-tracking specialist, she will give a workshop on the eye-tracking methodology on December 6th! Please come join us!
  • We have started collecting EEG data for the Korean perceptual epenthesis project (Collabrated with Prof Isabelle Darcy and Prof Chung-Lin Martin Yang).
  • The 8th conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition - North America (GALANA-8) will take place at IU from Sept. 27th-30th! Dr. Hun-Tak Thomas Lee of the Chinese University of Hong Kong will be in town for GALANA, and he will join our lab meeting on Sept 30th!
  • The Language and Cognition Lab has been granted an additional lab space in GISB 2049! The EEG system and the eye-tracker will be relocated here.
  • Our alumni Dr. Chung-Lin Martin Yang has accepted the offer to be a lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the Univeristy of Rochesterl! Congratulations Martin (and stay warm)!
  • Prof. D'arcy and Prof. Lin received a FRSP grant to investigate the perceptual vowel epenthesis in Korean learners of English. Congratulations!
  • Welcome to the new semester! Prof. Lin is back from his sabbatical leave. He is now the interim chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and he will be teaching EALC-C421/520 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics in Spring 2019.


Thursday, September 20th
  • Introduction and project overview
  • Sunday, September 30th

  • Corpus study of Chinese translated text by Hai Hu

  • Chinese relative clause processing by Yiwen Zhang 
  • Thursday, October 11th
  • The influence of syntactic strucutres on the processing of third tone sandhi by Chien-Han Hsiao
  • Tonal processing in Mandarin reduplication by Feier Gao
  • Thursday, October 25th
  • Corpus study on third tone sandhi by Zuoyu Tian
  • Chinese relative clause processing- eye-tracking experimental design by Hai Hu and Yiwen Zhang
  • Tonal processing in Mandarin reduplication- experimental design by Feier Gao
  • Thursday, November 29th
  • Korean perceptual epenthesis by Prof Isabelle Darcy
  • Tonal processing in Mandarin reduplication- a cross-modal priming experiment by Feier Gao
  • Thursday, December 6th
  • The processing of parasitic gap in Mandarin- an eye-tracking experiment by Jih-Ho Cha
  • Translationese in Chinese- a corpus studyby Hai Hu
  • Eye-tracking workshop by Siqi Lyu