Indiana University Bloomington


The Language and Cognition Lab (LaCL) is a psycholinguistic lab directed by Professor Charles Lin at Indiana University. LaCL conducts research on the cognitive aspects of language, including sentence processing, language and conceptualization, speech perception, lexical access, phonological awareness, and language acquisition. We are also interested in the interrelation between language and other cognitive capacities such as mathematics and music.



  • Check out the article on the processing of subject relative clauses in Mandarin Chinese just accepted by Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Check out the article on how ambiguous verbs are processed in Chinese sentences recently accepted for publication in Lingua Sinica.
  • Prof. Lin presented a paper entitled "Focusing on contrast sets: Motivating Mandarin Chinese restrictive relative clauses in comprehension and production" and a poster entitled "Working memory and syntactic priming in the comprehension of head-final structures" at the 28th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA, March 19-21, 2015.
  • Nicki Dabney and Jessica Harding graduated with an MA in Chinese Linguistics. Jessica completed a project comparing classifier cognition in Mandarin Chinese with the count syntax in English. Her essay is entitled "Intactness and entity construal in Chinese and English: The effect of classifiers and count syntax". Nicki completed a project on how discourse particles in Mandarin are perceived differently by speakers in China and Taiwan. Congratulations, Jessica and Nicki!
  • Our former member Yuyin Hsu has joined the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies at Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an assistant professor.