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The Kinsey Institute, for research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction
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Visiting the Kinsey Institute


Please visit us at the Kinsey Institute for a self-guided tour to view our gallery, library and archival collections, historical photos of Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his research team, and to learn about current research on love, sexuality and well-being.

Guided group tours are also offered on a limited basis, depending on staff availability.
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Visitors should be aware that some of the materials on display at the Kinsey Institute are sexually explicit and may be deemed offensive by some persons.

Where IS the Kinsey Institute?

We are on the 3rd floor of Morrison Hall, which is located behind Memorial Hall, on 3rd Street between Hawthorne and Ballantine Streets on the southside of Indiana University Bloomington campus.

Maps and Directions to the Kinsey Institute.

Just want to see the Gallery?

If you just want to visit the Kinsey Institute Gallery, you can drop by anytime during gallery hours, W-F, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

The gallery and institute are closed for IU and federal holidays.

For more information, contact us at 812-855-7686 or e-mail kinsey@indiana.edu.

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