Note: artworks shown on this page may include sexually explicit imagery.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting the Juried Art Show and making it possible to provide cash awards to these artists. For information about sponsoring The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show, please contact Liana Zhou, Kinsey Institute Head Librarian, at or 812-855-8890.

Best in Show

Self-Portrait by Chadric Devin; Van Dyke brown print on athletic tape.

Curators' Choice

Bodily Conflict by Marta Finkelstein; a stop-motion clay animation film.

Gallery Visitors' Choice

The Novice (Bearly Legal) by Catherine Armbrust; a mixed media costume with crocheted yarn, stuffed animals, latex, lace, needlepoint, pompoms, and googley eyes mounted on a mannequin.

All artworks are ©copyright the artist.