Orgy of the Dead

date 1965
by Stephen C. Apostolof, director; Edward D. Wood, screenplay
medium Poster

Orgy of the Dead, written by (in)famous cinematic schlockmeister Ed Wood, serves as the boundary between Woods’ earlier, "mainstream" B-movies and his later pornographic films. For the film, Wood teamed up with sexploitation director Stephen C. Apostoloff. It is the story of a writer who, seeking inspiration on the topic of necrophilia, spends the night in a cemetery with his girlfriend.

The poster for the movie utilizes various techniques characteristic of earlier exploitation films. For instance, to make Orgy of the Dead sound more like a cinematic event, the poster advertises the film as coming to the audience in "gorgeous Astravision" (a nod to the film’s company, Astra Productions). It also entices the movie patron with the chance to see a movie in "Shocking Sexicolor" that is expressly adults only. Wood also supposedly wrote the script for Edward De Priest’s soft-core caveman comedy One Million AC/DC (1969) using "Akdon Telmig" as his pseudonym.