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Condom Researchers Team Up To Investigate Condom Use (16:45)
Curating the 2009 KI Juried Art Show: Dr. Jennifer Cahn (5:46)
Environmental Stress and Its Impact on Pregnancy: Dr. Virginia Vitzthum (20:31)
Hormones & Women's Preferences in Men: Dr. Heather Rupp (6:48)
How the KI Library Integrates with KI Research: Liana Zhou (5:35)
Mood and Sexual Arousal: Dr. Erick Janssen (9:25)
Oral Contraception: Dr. Cynthia Graham (5:27)
Pleasure & Public Outreach in Sex Research: Dr. Debby Herbenick (10:15)
Pornography: Dr. Sven Axel-Mansson (7:50)
Postpartum Depression: Dr. Heather Rupp (8:19)
Prostitution: Dr. Sven Axel-Mansson (7:24)
Researching Sexual Predators and Media: Bradley Lane (11:53)
Studying Sexuality in Relationships: Dr. Erick Janssen (8:08)
The Dual-Control Model of Sexual Arousal: Dr. Erick Janssen (8:15)
The Kinsey Institute Today: KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman(11:09)
Women and Pleasure: An Interview with Dr. Debby Herbenick (8:55)

Other Audio & Video Available

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Kinsey Confidential is the sex-information service for college students offered by The Kinsey Institute. Visit the Kinsey Confidential website to listen to the podcast >>

You can view video material from Kinsey Institute lectures, interviews, and presentations, as well as video tours of the Kinsey Institute Gallery on our Video page >>


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