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For Love Or Money - September 11, 2015 - May 12, 2016

In Fall 2015, the Kinsey Institute Gallery will feature the art exhibition For Love or Money as its contribution to the IU Themester. This year the theme is @Work: The Nature of Labor on a Changing Planet. Our exhibition will include at least sixty artworks, artifacts, and print items from the Institute’s research collections that depict individuals involved in sex-related professions, such as prostitution, burlesque performance, exotic dancing, adult film production, nude and erotic modeling, peep shows, female impersonation, and drag performance.

The show will feature work by contemporary artists Herbert Ascherman, Dennis Chamberlin, Michael Grecco, Dirk Hooper, Dave Levingston, M.C. Madrigal, Barbara Nitke, Len Prince, Michael Rosen, Dona Schwartz, Pam Spaulding, Annie Sprinkle, Daniel D. Teoli Jr., Martin Weinberg, and Hope Wurmfeld, as well as vintage artworks, photographs, books and magazines. These varied items will offer a broad view of these professions, beyond the stereotype of sex-related work as purely victimization. These professions may be out of the mainstream, but they are a significant part of the American economy and culture.

Related events include a public lectureby sex educator Annie Sprinkle, and lectures by IU Professor Martin Weinberg and IU Adjunct Professor Dr. Stepanka Korytova.


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