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Bergstrand, Curt, and Sinski, Jennifer.  National Survey of Swingers.  Bellarmine University Department of Sociology, 1999.

The questionnaire used in this research consisted of forty-one questions pertaining to demographic characteristics of the swinger, swinging behavior and attitudes, and several questions which were duplicates of those contained in the General Social Survey out of the University of Michigan. A website was developed wherein the questionnaire could be filled out using one's home computer and submitted electronically to the researchers. NASCA, an official national swingers organization, endorsed the research and gave final approval to the questions used on the survey.  This research was not supported financially by NASCA or any other swingers organization.  Local swing clubs provided links from their websites to the survey and all swinger email listserves on were given links to the questionnaire. To avoid "prank" responses from non-swingers the questionnaire was not accessible to any Internet search engines. The only way to access the questionnaire was through links placed on websites catering to swinger groups. The questionnaire was completely anonymous and respondents were informed of this before taking the survey. The unit of analysis for the research was individual swingers rather than couples, so in analyzing the data by gender there is no way to know which returns represent two members of the same marital union.

A partial analysis of this data can be found in Today’s Alternative Marriage Styles: The Case of Swingers, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality (Vol. 3, Oct. 10, 2000) and in Swinging In America: Love, Sex, and Marriage in the 21st Century (Praeger, 2009).

The SPSS data dictionary listing the variable information, and the marginals may be viewed PDF format: Data Description (352 KB)
Qualified scholars and researchers may obtain the data-set itself in SPSS portable-format. For more information, terms, and conditions, please contact Thomas G. Albright, the Computer Analyst at The Kinsey Institute at .


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