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Below is a brief listing of current publications. Visit publications for comprehensive lists of recent and past publications (1941-present), and for downloadable .pdf versions of selected publications.

  • Davis, K.D., Norris, J., George, W.H., Martell, J., Heiman, J.R. (2006). Rape-Myth Congruent Beliefs in Women Resulting from Exposure to Violent Pornography: Effects of Alcohol and Sexual Arousal. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 21 (9), 1208-1223.
  • Diamond, L.E., Earle, D.C., Heiman, J.R., Rosen, R.C., Perelman, M.A., Harning, R. (2006). An Effect on the Subjective Sexual Response in Premenopausal Women with Sexual Arousal Disorder by Bremelanotide (PT-141), a Melanocortin Receptor Agonist. Journal of Sex Medicine, 3 (4), 628-638.
  • Rosen, R., Janssen, E., Wiegel, M., Bancroft, J., Althof, S., Wincze, J., Segraves, R.T., & Barlow, D. (2006). Psychological and Interpersonal Correlates in Men with Erectile Dysfunction and Their Partners: A Pilot Study of Treatment Outcome with Sildenafil. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 32, 215-234.
  • Heiman, J.R., Gittelman, M., Costabile, R., Guay, A., Friedman, A., Heard-Davison, A., Peterson, C., Dietrich, J. & Stephens, D. (2006). Topical alprostadil (PGE) for the treatment of female sexual arousal disorder: In-clinic evaluation of safety and efficacy. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology, 27 (1), 31-41.
  • Lykins, A., Janssen, E., & Graham, C. A. (2006). The relationship between negative mood and sexuality in heterosexual college women. Journal of Sex Research, 43 (2), 136-143.
  • Graham, C. A., Sanders, S. A., & Milhausen, R.(2006). The Sexual Excitation/Sexual Inhibition Inventory for Women: Psychometric Properties. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 35 (4), 1-13.
  • Graham, C. A., Crosby, R., Sanders, S. A., Yarber, W., L. (2005). Assessment of condom use in men and women. Annual Review of Sex Research, Vol. 16, in press.
  • Strong, D., Bancroft, J., Carnes, L., Davis, L., & Kennedy, J. (2005). The Impact of Sexual Arousal on Sexual Risk-Taking: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Sex Research 42(3) 185-191.
  • Graham, C. A., Sanders, S. A., & Milhausen, R. R. (2005). Development and validation of the Sexual Excitation/Sexual Inhibition Inventory for Women. Archives of Sexual Behavior, in press.
  • Fortenberry, J. D, Temkit, M'H., Tu, W., Graham, C., Katz, B.; Orr, D. (2005). Daily Mood, Partner Support, Sexual Interest, and Sexual Activity Among Adolescent Women. Health Psychology, 24(3) 252-257.
  • Bancroft, J., Carnes, L., & Janssen, E. (2004). Unprotected anal intercourse in HIV positive and HIV negative gay men: The relevance of sexual arousability, mood, sensation seeking and erectile problems. Submitted for publication.
  • Bancroft, J, Carnes, L. & Janssen, E., Goodrich, D., & Long, J. S. (2004). Erectile and ejaculatory problems in gay and heterosexual men. Archives of Sexual Behavior, in press.
  • Bancroft, J., Herbenick, D., Barnes, T., Hallam-Jones, R., Wylie, K., Janssen, E., & members of BASRT. (2004). The relevance of the Dual Control Model to male sexual dysfunction: The Kinsey Institute/BASRT Collaborative Project. Sexual & Relationship Therapy, in press.
  • Bancroft, J., Janssen, E., Carnes, L., Goodrich, D., Strong, D., & Long, J. S. (2004). Sexual risk taking in young heterosexual men: The relevance of sexual arousability, mood and sensation seeking. Journal of Sex Research, in press.
  • Bancroft, J. (2004). Kinsey and The Politics of Sex Research. Annual Review of Sex Research. 15, 1-39.
  • Hoffmann, H., Janssen, E., & Turner, S. (2004). Classical conditioning of sexual arousal in women and men: Effects of varying awareness and biological relevance of the CS. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 33, 43-53.
  • Lykins, A., Janssen, E., & Graham, C. (2004). The relationship between negative mood and sexuality in heterosexual college women. Submitted for publication.
  • Prause, N., Cerny, J., & Janssen, E. (2004). The labial photoplethysmograph: A new instrument for assessing genital hemodynamic changes in women. Journal of Sexual Medicine, in press.

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