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Researchers may submit requests for computer-run analyses of Kinsey Institute data. Requests must list specific variables and their exact manipulation. Codebooks are necessary for the selection of specific variables for statistical analysis. For ease and speed, the Institute usually programs in SPSS. Clients may provide their prepared SPSS jobs in order to maintain control over programming, to reduce costs and to shorten turnaround time. Output can be supplied to the client on paper, disk, or via electronic network. Programming and computer-consulting time is billed to the researcher.

The codebooks listed below may be ordered from the Institute. Prepayment in U.S. funds is required. Send orders to: The Kinsey Institute, Library User Services, Morrison 420, Bloomington, IN 47405. The Internet address for questions about data runs is

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Kinsey Interview

The Kinsey Interview Kit: Codebook, 2nd ed. (compiled and edited by Thomas G. Albright, 1991, 2006) and The Kinsey Interview Kit, (compiled and edited by Joan Scherer Brewer, 1985).

Blanchard, Ray, and Bogaert, Anthony F. "Biodemographic comparisons of homosexual and heterosexual men in the Kinsey interview data." Archives of Sexual Behavior 25(6):551-579, 1996.

Gebhard, Paul H. and Johnson, Alan B. The Kinsey Data: Marginal Tabulations of the 1938-1963 Interviews Conducted by the Institute for Sex Research. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1979.

Chicago College Youth Study (NORC Survey #4020)

Youth Cultures and Aspects of the Socialization Process. (W. Simon & J. H. Gagnon, 1967)

Chicago Homosexual Study

Studies in Personal Adjustment. (P. Gebhard, 1967)

Cross-Cultural Study

Interview Schedule. (M.S. Weinberg, 1969)

San Francisco Homosexual Study

A Study of Socialization, 1969-70. (A. Bell & M. Weinberg)
Interview schedule/codebook.pdf (18 MBytes)
(Caution: This is a very large file. A fast connection is recommended for downloading.)

Parents' Questionnaire. (Bell & Weinberg) [interview schedule & codebook]. $10

Sibling Questionnaire. (Bell & Weinberg) [interview schedule & codebook]. $10

Bell, Alan P., Weinberg, M., and Hammersmith, S. Sexual Preference: Its Development in Men and Women: Statistical Appendix. Bloomington, IN: Indiana U. Press, 1981.

Chicago Attitude Study (NORC Survey #4088)

Attitude Study. (A. D. Klassen & E. E. Levitt, 1970)
[interview schedule/codebook] (1.7 MBytes)

[SPSS data dictionary] (193 kBytes)

Sexuality Following Spinal Cord Injury

Questions for Spinal Cord Injured. (P. Gebhard, J. Donohue, & Lois Perkins, 1978)
Questions for Able Bodied Partners of Spinal Cord Injured. (Gebhard, Donohue, & Perkins)

Selected Related Published Materials

These materials are not available for purchase from the Institute.

Chicago College Youth Study - NORC Survey #4020

Simon, W., Berger, A., and Gagnon, J. "Beyond anxiety and fantasy: The coital experiences of college youth." Journal of Youth and Adolescence 1(3):203-222, 1972.

Spanier, Graham B. "Sources of sex information and premarital sexual behavior." Journal of Sex Research 13(2):73-88, May 1977.

Cross-Cultural Study

Weinberg, Martin S., and Williams, C.J. Male Homosexuals: Their Problems and Adaptations. NY: Oxford U. Press, 1974.


Chicago Attitude Study - NORC Survey #4088

Fay, Robert E., et al. "Prevalence and patterns of same-gender sexual contact among gay men." Science 243: 338-348, Jan 30, 1989.

Klassen, Albert D., Williams, C.J., & Levitt, E.E. Sex and Morality in the United States, ed. by H.J. O'Gorman. Middleton, CT: Wesleyan U. Press, 1989.

Levitt, Eugene E., and Klassen, A.D. "Public attitudes toward homosexuality: Part of the 1970 National Survey by the Institute for Sex Research," Journal of Homosexuality 1(1):29-43, Fall 1974.

Sexuality Following Spinal Cord Injury

Donohue, John, and Gebhard, P. "The Kinsey Institute/Indiana University Report on Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury." Sexuality and Disability 13(1):7-85, 1995. Special Issue.

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