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Hysterectomy and Sexual Functioning Study

We are interested in documenting the presence, type and severity of sexual problems that may occur following hysterectomy, and in identifying factors that may relate to good versus poor sexual outcomes following hysterectomies. We also want to gather information about women’s subjective experiences related to their sexuality after hysterectomy with the goal of developing new questionnaire forms for future research on hysterectomy outcomes.


About 20 women who have had elective hysterectomies are completing a series of questionnaires and interviews to assess their sexual functioning, their relationship status, and their life satisfaction. We hope to get additional supplemental data from volunteers who complete our online study.

Click here to participate in our web survey.

Julia Heiman, Ph.D., Zoe Peterson, Ph.D., and Jeffrey Rothenberg, M.D. (IU Medical School Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology).

Athena Institute for Women's Wellness

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