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Peek: Photographs from the Kinsey Institute

9 x 11', 160 pages
(85 Duotone and 40 four-color plates)

This book is SOLD OUT

Among the 75,000 images that make up this collection today are numerous anonymous snapshots, photographic album books, photographically illustrated diaries, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century erotica from Europe and Asia, as well as works by well-known artists such as George Platt Lynes, Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, and Joel-Peter Witkin.

Peek is the first survey of this rich visual resource of sexual and erotic imagery, which, until now, has been inaccessible to the general public. The 125 images presented here, along with accompanying texts by former Kinsey curator Jennifer Yamishiro and other scholars, demonstrate the various ways in which photography functioned at the Institute. This fascinating and unprecedented publication makes clear the significance of Kinsey's life work, placing the photographs in historical context and raising theoretical issues about Kinsey's directives as a researcher, collector and interpreter of the photographic image.
For more information about Peek, and about the photographic collection at the Kinsey Institute, contact Liana Zhou, Head Librarian.

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