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These publications represent the work of some of the recent Research Fellows and visiting scholars during their time at The Kinsey Institute.

Former scholars are invited to submit their citations for inclusion in this list.

Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan. Sex the Measure of All Things (2000) Indiana University Press.

Meyerowitz, Joanne. (in press) How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in America. Harvard University

Meyerowitz, Joanne. (2001) "Sex Research at the Borders of Gender: Transvestites, Transsexuals, and
Alfred C. Kinsey," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 75(1): 72-90

Meyerowitz, Joanne. (1998) "'Sex Change' and the Popular Press: Historical Notes on Transsexuality in
the U.S., 1930-1955," GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 4(2)

Pastoetter, J. (1995). Pornography - a Mens‘ Culture? [Pornographie - eine
Männerkultur?]. In: Stadt Burglengenfeld, ed., Männer-Kulturen:143-152.
Burglengenfeld: Stadt Burglengenfeld.

Pastoetter, J. (2000). Pornography as Academic Field of Research. American and
German Approaches Towards the Problematic Field of Research Pornography
[Pornographie als akademisches Forschungsfeld. Zur amerikanischen und
deutschen Herangehensweise an das Problem-Forschungsfeld Pornographie.]
Sexualmedizin 22(9): 247-250.

Pastoetter, J. (2001). Germany - Update. In: Robert T. Francoeur and Raymond
J. Noonan, ed., The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, vol. IV.

Pastoetter, J. (2001). Vietnam. In: Robert T. Francoeur and Raymond J. Noonan.
ed., The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, vol. IV: 639-691. New York:

Pastoetter, J. (2001). Tourism and Sex: Conceptualizing of Foreign Countries
as (S)exotic. Sexuality and Culture 5(2): 107-110.

Pastoetter, J. (in press.). Love and Eroticism: Addition or Contradiction? Journal
of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Pastoetter, J. (in. press.). Socioeconomic Functions of Hardcore Pornography, or:
Why Business With Taboo Is Booming? [Sozioökonomische Funktionen der Hardcore
Pornographie: Weshalb boomt das Geschäft mit dem Tabu?] Sexualmedizin.

Stulhofer, A. (2000) The Rise of Essentialism and the Medicalization of Sexuality. Acta
medica Croatica
53(4-5): 141-149.

Stulhofer, A (2001) Urban Adolescents and Sexual Risk Taking /with V. Hirsl-Hecej/.
Collegium Antropologicum 25(1): 195-212.

Stulhofer, A., Hirsl-Hecej, V., Mrksic, Z., Korac, A. et al. (2001) Croatia, in R. Francoeur & Noonan, R. /eds./ The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality (pp. 86-119). New York: Continuum.

Crosby, R., Yarber, W. L. (2001). Perceived versus actual knowledge about correct condom use among U.S. adolescents: Results from a national study. Journal of Adolescent Health 28: 415-420.

Yarber, W. L., Crosby, R. A., & Sanders, S. A.. (2000). Understudied HIV/STD risk behaviors among a sample of rural South Carolina women: A descriptive pilot study. The Health Education Monograph 18: 1-5.

Crosby, R. A., Yarber, W. L., Ding, K., DiClemente, R., & Dodge, B. (2000). Rural and non-rural adolescents' HIV/STD sexual risk behaviors: Comparisons from a national sample. The Health Education Monograph 18: 45-50.


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