Shadows of Innocence Documentary Features Dr. Julia Heiman


Bloomington, IN - February 13, 2013 - WFIU/WTIU Newsroom will air a documentary called Shadows of Innocence: Sexual Assault Among Indiana’s Youth, which looks at the high rate of sexual assault in Indiana and what’s being done to lower it on February 28 at 8pm. Following the documentary, there will be a live roundtable session featuring questions from an audience of Indiana high school students.

According to recent studies, Indiana has the second-highest rate of rape among high school-aged girls.  That means more than 17% of Indiana’s high school girls experience sexual assault before they finish graduate.

“Initially I was shocked by the statistics and wanted to dig deeper to find out why Indiana ranked so poorly.” Says Sara Wittmeyer, WFIU/WTIU News Bureau Chief. “As a public media newsroom, it’s our mission to get behind the headlines and add context.  We wanted to put a face on the statistics and show our audience that sexual assault is an epidemic among our youth and that it doesn’t just happen in dark alleys or to people of a certain demographic group – it affects everyone.”

Shadows of Innocence features the stories of sexual assault survivors, as well as statewide violence prevention experts, psychologists, and educators. They’re all working to lower Indiana’s rate of sexual assault, but not everyone feels as though the state is doing everything it can. The documentary also looks at states that are doing better, such as Minnesota, to learn what they’re doing differently.
Producer Wes Akers says working on the documentary was emotional at times. “Listening to stories of abuse and sexual assault is never easy. But we never doubted what we were doing, especially after seeing how many women stepped forward to talk to us—on camera—about their experiences. They saw the value in it, and that really motivated us to keep taking the documentary further.”

~ Press release courtesy WTIU – Television from Indiana University.


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Shadows of Innocence documentary features Dr. Julia Heiman

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