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New Publications from The Kinsey Institute, Winter 2012-13

Congratulations to Kinsey researchers and our affiliated students and faculty for a productive season. Here's a sampling of current publications:

Carvalho, J., Quinta-Gomes, A., Laja, P., Oliveira, C., Vilarinho, S., Janssen, E., & Nobre, P. (In press). Gender differences in sexual arousal and emotional responses to erotica: the effect of type of film and instructions. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Fisher, Maryanne L., Garcia, Justin R, and Chang, Rose Sokol (Editors). (2013). Evolution’s Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women. Oxford University Press, New York. (see article in this issue)

Garcia, J.R., Reiber, C., Massey, S.G. & Merriwether, A.M. (2012). Sexual hookup culture: A review. Review of General Psychology, 16(2), 161-176.

Harris, A, and Vitzthum, VJ. (in press) Darwin’s legacy: An evolutionary view of women’s reproductive and sexual functioning. Journal of Sex Research.

Herbenick, D, Schick, V, Reece M, Sanders SA, Smith, N., Dodge, B., Fortenberry JD. (2013) Association of lubricant use with women's sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction and genital symptoms: A prospective daily diary study. Journal of Sexual Medicine 10(2), 474–483. (see "IU study finds condoms don’t ruin sex.")

Janssen, E., Macapagal, K., & Mustanski, B. (2012). Individual differences in the effects of mood on sexuality: The Revised Mood and Sexuality Questionnaire (MSQ-R). Journal of Sex Research.

Nguyen, H.V., Koo, K.H., Davis, K.C. Otto, J.M., Hendershot, C.S., Schacht, R.L, George, W.H., Heiman, J.R, & Norris, J. (2012). Risky Sex: Interactions among ethnicity, sexual sensation seeking, sexual inhibition, and sexual excitation. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Rupp, Heather, James, Thomas, Ketterson, Ellen, Sengelaub, Dale, Ditzen, Beate, and Heiman, Julia. (2012). Amygdala response to negative images in postpartum vs nulliparous women and intranasal oxytocin. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Read the Press Release

Rupp, Heather, James, Thomas, Ketterson, Ellen, Sengelaub, Dale, Ditzen, Beate, and Heiman, Julia.(2013). Lower sexual interest in postpartum women: Relationship to amygdala activation and intranasal oxytocin. Hormones and Behavior, 63(1) 114-121.

Sanders, S.A., Hill, B.J., Crosby, R.A., & Janssen, E. (in press). Correlates of condom associated erection problems (CAEP) in young, heterosexual men: Condom self-efficacy, perceptions, and motivations. AIDS and Behavior.

Vitzthum, V.J. (in press). Fifty fertile years: Anthropologists’ studies of reproduction in high altitude natives. American Journal of Human Biology.



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