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Evolution's Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women

Evolution's Empress by Kinsey Institute researcher, Dr. Justin Garcia

In this new compilation of essays on evolution and women, Kinsey researcher Justin R. Garcia and co-editors Maryanne Fisher and Rosemarie Sokol Chang challenge the notion of women as passive participants in the evolutionary process.

The chapters highlight studies and theories that demonstrate the more active roles of women, from mating strategies to motherhood, and challenge traditional evolutionary theories as applied to human behavior. Topics cover women's health, sex differences in communication and motivation, sex discrimination, and women in literature.

A major goal of Evolution's Empress is to challenge researchers to become familiar with and engaged in contemporary critiques across disciplines.

According to Dr. Garcia:

"We hope this work spawns new research that incorporates both evolutionary and feminist theories, often thought of as adversarial scholarly positions. There's a great deal that evolutionists typically operating in fields like biology and psychology can learn from feminist scholarship. And at the same time, feminist scholars have perhaps too often written off evolutionary frameworks based on now outdated critiques."

Dr. Garcia holds a Ph.D in Evolutionary Biology and is a postdoctoral fellow in "Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity," (CTRD), an interdisciplinary research training program at Indiana University.

Published by Oxford University Press.

Maryanne L. Fisher, Justin R. Garcia, and Rose Sokol Chang (Editors). (2013). Evolutionís Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women. Oxford University Press, New York.

Dr. Garcia's research on hook-up culture among young adults in America has also drawn national media attention. Most recently, he was involved with the annual 'singles in America survey', which draws on a representative sample of US citizens to report on dating behavior and attitudes.

Match.com Singles In America Study: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Single Americans (HuffingtonPost.com).

Indiana University's Inside IUB recently ran a story on Dr. Garcia and his research on romantic relationships.


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