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The Auxiliary Library Facility now houses selections from the Kinsey Library collections.
Image courtesy of IU Libraries.

Winter 2011

Bigger and Better Options for Kinsey Collections

The IU Auxiliary Facility (ALF) expands capacity for storage and preservation.

2011 Kinsey Institute Student Research Grant Winners

Meet the six student awardees and read about their research.

As We See Them Opens in KI Gallery

Guest curators Ascherman and Palsa take us on an exploration of contemporary images created using early photographic processes.

Kinsey Institute Shares With The Public

Documentaries feature Kinsey researchers; Dan Savage contributes to Kinsey Confidential; and recommended reading from sexuality scholars.

Postdoctoral Fellowships Available

Indiana University invites applications for post-doctoral traineeships in "Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity."

Kinsey Institute Film Collection and the New IU Cinema - A Winning Combination

State-of-the-art cinema showcases Kinsey Institute materials.

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