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A handmade drawing of a partially unclad nurse treating a patient in a hospital bed.
Private Eyes: Amateur Erotic Art from the Kinsey Institute Collections
This amateur drawing is one of several in the Private Eyes exhibition currently showing at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. The show features amateur and hand-made art from the collections, most of it being shown for the first time.

Winter 2010

Black Sexuality Collection

A recent donation of film, photographs, and guidebooks forms the foundation of a new collection at the Kinsey Library

Now Showing in the Gallery: Private Eyes

Amateur and hand-made erotic art from the KI Collections, much of it shown publicly for the first time.

2010 John Money Fellowship

Bradley Lane, IU Gender Studies doctoral student, is our 2010 awardee. Also, 2009 winner Sarah Lindsley's photo-essay on 'spicy' pulp magazines.

KI Student Research Grants Winners

The Kinsey Institute recognizes six emerging scholars in the field of sex research.

New Research Highlights from the Institute

When couples discuss sexual issues; what constitutes 'having sex;' and the impact of ill-fitting condoms.

KI Director Receives SSSS Kinsey Award

Dr. Julia Heiman is honored for her lifetime contribution to sex research.

Recent Podcasts & Videos

New interviews with researchers, historical videos, and short films..

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