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Staff Comings and Goings

Welcome Tierney..

Dr. Tierney Lorenz is the new CTRD (Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity) postdoctoral fellow at the institute. Her research addresses the intersection of mood disorders and sexuality.

Dr. Lorenz's work examines the bidirectional relationship between sexual behaviors and symptoms of mood disorders. Her predoctoral work included psychophysiological studies of antidepressant use, sympathetic nervous system activity and genital arousal, clinical trials of behavior and writing-based therapies to improve sexual wellbeing in women with mood disorders, and cross-sectional studies of frequency of sexual activity and immunologic markers in men and women with and without mood disorders.

Her post-doctoral research examines how the presence or absence of sexual activity may influence immune response in healthy human females across the menstrual cycle, and if men and women differ in immune response to partnered sexual activity.

...and Goodbye to Brandon

Dr. Brandon J. Hill moves on from a position as a Kinsey Research Associate and doctoral student in Gender Studies at Indiana University to his new position: Research Professional at the University of Chicago's Center for Interdiciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual And Reproductive Health.

Dr. Hill's research investigates the affect sexual identity has on the psychological and mental health of sexual minorities. This research examines the affects social stigma has on the frequency and prevalence of depression, stress, anxiety (trait and state), and suicidality among gay and lesbian identified individuals.

He was recently awarded a grant to study transgender in the U.S. Military, and will continue his affiliation as Kinsey Institute Research Fellow.

Good luck Brandon!


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