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Untitled, Emilo Sanchez
from La Vida Sexual.

Volume 17, Number 3

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, 60 years On

Comments on the impact and influence of this landmark volume

Kinsey Researchers Present at IASR

Doctoral student Rebecca Gregory receives award for best research poster at International Academy of Sex Research meeting

Staff Comings and Goings

Welcome Dr. Tierney Lorenz and congratulations to Dr. Brandon Hill!

John Money Scholar Studies Modern Fetish Communities

Samantha Allen reveals how the Internet changed access for people with specialized sexual interests

New Exhibitions in the Gallery

Past/Present connects new with older artwork from the collections; La Vida Sexual features art from Latin America and Spanish-language material

Transgender in the U.S. Military

Brandon Hill receives grant to study health care and medical policy for transgender troops

Transgender in the Kinsey Archives

New to the collections, Jeanne Hoff's NBC interview pre- and post-surgery with Lynn Redgrave & Frank Fields, 1978.

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