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Did You Miss the 2010 Juried Art Show?
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Summer 2010

Art and Science

Violinist Joshua Bell honors his father, sex researcher Alan Bell, at Kinsey fundraising event in his home.

New Postdoctoral Researcher Joins KI Team

Visiting Research Associate Elizabeth Webb will be working with KI scientists Dr. Stephanie Sanders & Senior Research Fellow Dr. Bill Yarber

Back to Bolivia

Virginia Vitzthum collects biomarkers in the Bolivian highlands to document peri-menopausal changes in a non-industrialized population.

Summer Interns Make Their Mark

Students lend their energy and expertise to a range of projects.

Podcasts & Videos from The Kinsey Institute

Opening night at the Juried Art Show, interviews with sex researchers, and virtual gallery tours.

Summer Sale at The Kinsey Marketplace!

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