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MRI as a Tool for Uncovering Brain Responses to Stress and Sexual Imagery

A research team headed by KI Assistant Scientist Dr. Heather Rupp is studying the mechanisms behind postpartum depression, and the role of hormones in regulating this problem. Postpartum depression affects 10-15% of new mothers and can interfere with their ability to care for their babies and themselves.

Follow researchers as they conduct this MRI study to measure brain responses to imagery in women. The study includes three groups of women: those who have just given birth and are affected by postpartum depression.those who are not affected, and a control group of women who have not recently given birth.

Our volunteer, Danielle, had this comment about her experience:

"My biggest worry was drooling into a tube for the saliva sample. As it turned out, the drooling part was easy but the fMRI was a little scarier than I expected at first. Becky, the fMRI technician, warned me that it's scary for everyone, which helped - I was able to relax after just a few minutes. The process was not at all difficult and actually kind of fun. It was very cool to get pictures of my brain. I'd definitely participate in another one of these studies!"


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