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Recent Selected Publications by Kinsey Institute Scientists

It's been a busy research season at The Kinsey Institute. In addition to the studies we have highlighted in this issue of Kinsey Today, we'd also like to alert you to selected publications.

Because it Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction
Debby Herbenick, Ph.D.

Dr. Debby Herbenick

Kinsey Confidential sex educator and co-Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, Dr. Debby Hebenick has been helping people find the language to talk about sex, answering questions, and generally helping people feel good about themselves, while educating on sexual health.

Her new book is inspired by the readers, who over the years have benefitted from Debby's research-based information, her openness and emphasis on communication, and her own desire for people to feel good in their sexual lives and relationships. Besides the podcasts and columns on kinseyconfidential.org, Dr. Herbenick is a regular contributor to Time Out Chicago, Men's Health, PsychologyToday.com, and her own blog, MySexProfessor.com

The Psychophysiology of Sex
Erick Janssen, Ph.D., Editor

Erick Janssen's The Psychophysiology of Sex was reviewed by John Delamater in the Journal of Sex Research earlier this year. Dr. Delamater described the collection of articles, originally presented at a scientific workshop at The Kinsey Institute: ". emphasizes the multi-disciplinary nature of research on the psychophysiology of sex, and assembles many of the 'best and the brightest' scholars in the field.a valuable reading for researchers and others seeking a broad understanding of the nature of human sexual expression."

In the journal Sex Roles, Rellini and Dundon also commend the book for re-creating the atmosphere of the workshop, with exchanges and critiques among the participants, and for the accessible language that makes the book suitable even for undergraduate students. They call for an update to incorporate more recent research from the past 2-3 years.

Rellini, A. H. & Dundon, C.M. (2009). "The Psychophysiology of Sex: Finally a Book on Psychophysiology for the Sex Researcher." Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. DOI 10.1007/s11199-009-9650-4.

Selected scientific articles from Kinsey Institute researchers

Bancroft, John, Graham, Cynthia A., Janssen, Erick, Sanders, Stephanie A. (2009). The Dual Control Model: Current Status and Future Directions. Journal of Sex Research, 46 (2 & 3): 121-142.

George, W.H., Davis, K. C., Norris, J., Heiman, J. R., Stoner, S. A., Schacht, R., Hendershot, C. S., & Kajumulo, K. (2009). Indirect effects of acute alcohol intoxication on sexual risk-taking: The roles of subjective and physiological sexual arousal. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 38, 498-513.

Herbenick, D., Reece, M., Sanders, S.A., Dodge, B., Ghassemi, A., & Forgenberry, J.D. (2009). Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use by women in the United States: Results from a nationally representative study. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 6:1857-1866.

Higgins, J.A., Tanner, A.E., and Janssen, E. (2009). Arousal Loss Related to Safer Sex and Risk of Pregnancy: Implications for Womenís and Menís Sexual Health. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 41(3):150-156.

Janssen, E., Goodrich, D., Petrocelli, J., & Bancroft, J. (2009). Psychophysiological response patterns and risky sexual behavior in heterosexual and homosexual men. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 38, 538-550.

Koppel, J., Bradshaw, H. B., Goldberg, T.E., Khalili, H., Marambaud, P., Walker, J.M., Pazos, M., Gordon, M.L., Christen, E. and Davies, P. Endocannabinoids in Alzheimer's disease and their impact on normative cognitive performance: A case-control and cohort study. Lipids in Health and Disease, 2009 Jan 14;8:2.

Peterson, Z., Janssen, E., & Heiman, J. (2009). The association between sexual aggression and HIV risk behavior in heterosexual men. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. DOI:10.1177/0886260509334414

Reece, M., Herbenick, D., Sanders, S.A., Dodge, B., Ghassemi, A., & Fortenberry, J.D. (2009). Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use by men in the United States. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 6:1867-1874.

Rupp, H.A., Librach, G.R., Feipel, N.C., Ketterson, E.D., Sengelaub, D.R., and Heiman, J.R. (2009). Partner Status Influences Women’s Interest in the Opposite-Sex. Human Nature, DOI: 10.1007/s12110-009-9056-6.

Rupp, H.A., James, T.W., Ketterson, E.D., Sengelaub, D.R., Janssen, E. & Heiman, J.R. (2009.) Women's neural activation in response to masculinized versus feminized male faces: mediation by hormones and psychosexual factors. Evolution and Human Behavior, 30 (1):1-10.

 Rupp, H. A., James, T.W., Ketterson, E.D., Sengelaub, D.R., Janssen, E., & Heiman, J. R. (2009). Neural Activation in the Orbitofrontal Cortex in Response to Male Faces Increases During the Follicular Phase. Hormones and Behavior, 56, 66-72.

Sanders, S.A., Milhausen, R.R., Crosby, R.A., Graham, C.A., & Yarber, W.L. (2009)  Do phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors protect against condom-associated erection loss and condom slippage? Journal of Sexual Medicine, 6(5):1451-1456.

Vitzthum, V. J., Thornburg, J., and Spielvogel, H. (2009). Seasonal Modulation of Reproductive Effort During Early Pregnancy in Humans. American Journal of Human Biology. DOI: 10.1002/ajhb.20936. Online version available at Wiley Interscience website.

Vitzthum, V. J., Worthman, C. M., Beall, C.M., Thornburg, J., Vargas, E., Villena, M., Soria, R., Caceres, E. and Spielvogel, H. (2009). Seasonal and Circadian Variation in Salivary Testosterone in Rural Bolivian Men. American Journal of Human Biology. DOI: 10.1002/ajhb.20927. Online version available at Wiley Interscience website.

These and other new publications may be available in pdf form on our website.



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