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Ira L. Reiss Collection

The materials in this collection are about Ira L. Reiss, a sociologist specializing in the study of human sexuality. Reiss was born in New York City on December 8, 1925. He served in WW2 and then earned his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University in 1953. He taught at Bowdoin College, William and Mary College, Bard College, and the University of Iowa and then in 1969 he came to the University of Minnesota, Sociology Department and stayed there until his retirement in 1996. At the University of Minnesota Reiss also served as the director of the universityís Family Study Center. He is the author of 14 books and four monographs published from 1960 to 2006, including such titles as An Insiderís View of Sexual Science Since Kinsey, Premarital Sexual Standards in America, The Social Context of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness, Journey Into Sexuality: An Exploratory Voyage, and Solving America's Sexual Crisis.

The Reiss Collection includes seven loose leaf binders containing reviews of all his books, his major talks, key letters, codebooks for his national sample, his vita, and discussions he had on Sexnet. There are also five hardbound volumes that Reiss prepared for his published papers, favorite publications, unpublished work and a 1955 rough draft of his 1960 book. The collection includes publications that occurred after these volumes were prepared. Also included are Reissís dissertation, the data for his 1963 national sample which researched premarital sexual permissiveness attitudes, and a unique collection of 50 CDs and 38 DVDs of his professional talks and media presentations dating from 1960-2014. These audio/video discs contain appearances covering a myriad of topics from Reissís publications on premarital, extramarital, cross cultural, HIV/AIDS, sexual ethics, and many other of his sexual science research and theory works addressed from a sociological perspective. So far, Reissís total collection spans an impressive 62 years, from 1952 to 2014 and Reiss does update his material from time to time.

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Ira L. Reiss Collection details:

Recent Publications
An Insiderís View of Sexual Science since Kinsey. Roman & Littlefield, 2006.
At the Dawn of the Sexual Revolution: Reflections on a Dialogue. AltaMira Press, 2002. Co-authored with Albert Ellis.
Solving Americaís Sexual Crises. Prometheus Books, 1997. Done with Harriet M. Reiss. This book is a revised paperback edition of the 1990 edition.
An End To Shame: Shaping Our Next Sexual Revolution. Prometheus Books, 1990. Done with Harriet M. Reiss.
Family Systems In America. Fourth Edition, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, l988. This edition was co-authored with Gary R. Lee.
Journey Into Sexuality: An Exploratory Voyage. Prentice-Hall Inc., l986.
Family Systems In America. Third Edition, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1980.
Contemporary Theories About the Family: Research-Based Theories. Volume One, Co-Edited with Wesley Burr, Reuben Hill, and Ivan Nye. The Free Press, MacMillan Co., 1979.
Contemporary Theories About the Family: General Theories/Theoretical Orientations. Volume Two, Co-Edited with Wesley Burr, Reuben Hill, and Ivan Nye. The Free Press, Macmillan Co., 1979.
Family Systems in America. Second Edition, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1976.
Readings on the Family System. (Editor) Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1972.
Family Systems in America. First Edition, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1971.
The Social Context of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967.
Premarital Sexual Standards in America. The Free Press, 1960.
A Guide For Researching Heterosexual Relationships. Co-authored with Robert Walsh, Mary Zey-Ferrell, William Tolone, and Ollie Pocs. Technical Report #4. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Family Study Center, 1980.
A Theoretical Analysis of Heterosexual Permissiveness. Co-authored with Brent Miller. Technical Report #2, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Family Study Center. 1974.
Editor of the special issue: "The Sexual Renaissance in America," Journal of Social Issues, 22 (April, 1966).
Sociology of the Family. Extension Division of the University of Iowa, 1963. and Extension Division of the University of Wisconsin, 1965. Correspondence Course Manual.
Bound Volumes Of Reissís Writings
Published Papers of Ira L. Reiss, Volume One, 1953-1978
Published Papers of Ira L. Reiss, Volume Two, 1979-2001
My Favorite Published Papers
My Favorite Unpublished Work
The Basis for Choice in the Problem of Premarital Sexual Intercourse
Loose Leaf Binders Of Reissís Work
Codebook of Dr. Reissís 1963 NORC National Survey on Premarital Sexual Permissiveness
Vita and other Information on Dr. Reissís career
Book Reviews of all of Dr. Reissís books
Notes from Talks by Ira L. Reiss (Two Binders)
Selected Professional Letters
Other Items In The Collection
The Point of View of the Actor: A Problem in Recent American Sociology, 1953 Disssertation of Ira L. Reiss
A collection of 80 CDs and 38 DVDs of Dr. Reissís talks and presentations from 1960 to 2006 is part of the archives at the Kinsey Institute.
Data for the 1963 national survey of premarital sexual permissiveness that NORC did for Dr. Reiss can be obtained from the Kinsey Institute.

*Ira L. Reiss is still publishing and, from time to time, he updates some of the above items.

The Collection also includes data from the National Opinion Research Center, Amalgam Survey, SRS 160 (1963)

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