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[Regulations & Rules]

Researchers must meet the qualifications stated in the Kinsey Institute's Collections Use Policy in order to register to use the library and special collections. Access to the collections is governed by the Institute's Board of Trustees. Use of certain materials is restricted by law, by donors, and by confidentiality and privacy requirements. To protect the collections, the Institute also reserves the right to restrict the use of uncataloged, rare, or fragile materials.

  1. Users must have current registration forms and up-to-date documentation on file with User Services. Valid picture identification is required. Users must be at least 18 years of age. Because not all collections are fully staffed and space is limited, users must make arrangements to use archival materials and to view art, artifacts, photography, and films/videos in advance. Use of the collections at times other than scheduled service hours is by appointment only.
  2. Collections use fees must be paid before use of the collections.
  3. Users are requested to sign the register in the Reading Room at each visit.
  4. All books, briefcases, backpacks, purses, coats, and other personal items must be placed in lockers in the Reading Room or in other area designated by staff. Laptop computers are permitted. Locker keys are held by the User Services Coordinator.
  5. No tobacco, food, or beverages are permitted.
Rules Regarding the Use of Materials
  1. Donor/source information on any material is to be treated as confidential.
  2. Materials do not circulate. Materials must be used in assigned areas of the Institute. Collection storage areas are closed to researchers. Special arrangements must be made in advance to view microfilm and to use audiovisual materials requiring special equipment.
  3. Requests for library materials should be printed legibly with call number, author, and title, and presented to the User Services Coordinator. Pencils and scratch paper are kept on the Reading Room tables. Ask staff how to request other materials.
  4. Materials must be handled with great care. Notes are to be taken in pencil. No weight or pressure should be put on materials. Users may be required to wear gloves when viewing rare materials, art, and photography.
  5. The making of photocopies is subject to copyright restrictions. Photocopies and study prints are made available solely for private study and research. The user may not transfer copies, further reproduce copies, or publish them without permission. Staff must evaluate the condition of materials before any photocopying is done. Please see our Photocopying Policy for more information.
  6. Permission to examine materials is not authorization to publish. Separate written application to publish must be made. The Kinsey Institute does not assume any responsibility for infringement of copyrights held by others.
  7. In any publications, the Institute should be cited as The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, Inc.

Users are kindly asked to complete research activities, return all materials, and make all payments at 4:45pm. All materials must be accounted for and all charges paid before leaving the Institute. Please notify staff if you need materials held; otherwise, they will be reshelved.

We thank you for your cooperation!

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