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Archives of the Institute

[Photo of Morrison Hall] The Institute was founded in 1947 by zoology professor Alfred Charles Kinsey as a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with Indiana University. As the instructor for a new marriage course on the Indiana University campus, Kinsey had begun to collect sexual histories. The Institute was founded as a means to guarantee absolute confidentiality to individuals interviewed and to provide a secure, permanent location for the growing collection of interview data and other materials on human sexuality. Originally named the Institute for Sex Research, the name was changed in 1981 to the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Dr. Kinsey's death. In 1982, the name was amended to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction to reflect its broadened research mission.

The Institute Archives are divided into collection eras based on the tenure of each Director:

1947 - 1956 Alfred C. Kinsey Era
1956 - 1982 Paul H. Gebhard Era
1982 - 1993 June Reinisch Era
1993 - 1995 Stephanie Sanders (Interim Director) Era
1995 - 2004 John Bancroft Era

The collection of each era is further subdivided into the following categories:

  • Correspondence
  • Administration - Institute
  • Administration - Library / Collection
  • Director's Records
  • Research Data / Projects

Research Data/Projects
The Kinsey data set consists of code sheets and related records of 18,216 individual interviews conducted by Kinsey and his staff between 1938 and 1963. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion (1958), and Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Types (1965) were based on this data set. Much of this data is available for use by researchers in computer format and in printed marginal tables in The Kinsey Data (1979).
Research Data/Projects
  • Pregnancy, Birth, and Abortion data and manuscript compiled under Kinsey's directorship, published in 1958.
  • Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Types. The material for this text was compiled by Kinsey and his associates beginning in 1940. See also the Carney Landis Collection and the Alice Field Collection at Kinsey Institute for additional material relating to the Sex Offenders study.
  • Adolescent Sex Education Study (c. 1968 - 1970) [Bell, Elias, Gebhard]
  • Chicago Attitude Study (1971 - 1973
  • Sexual Development in Childhood and Adolescence Study (1968 - ?) [Bell and Elias]
  • Human Sexual Behavior Study (c. 1979- 1980) [Weinberg, Williams, Hammersmith]
  • Deviance: Patterns of Adjustment in Deviant Populations (1966 - 1968) includes San Francisco, Chicago, and Military Homosexuality Studies
  • Youth Culture Study (1966 - 1970)
  • Commission on Obscenity and Pornography (1970 - 1972) [Elias]
  • Effects of SIECUS Sex Education Ads (1968 - 1971) [Elias, Bell]
  • Incest Study (1977) - based in part on Kinsey's original data [Ferrell]
  • Spinal Study (1970 - 1980) [Gebhard]
  • Erotic Comic Book Study (c. 1974) [Gebhard and Levitt]
  • Studies in Erotic Art I and II
  • Black Sexuality Study (c. 1980) [Weinberg and Williams]
  • Marital Study (c. 1980) [Bell]

Research Data/Projects
  • Female Fantasy Study
  • Women and AIDS
  • National Sex Knowledge Survey
  • IU Express Survey
  • Social Influence on the Menstrual Cycle Study [Sanders and Reinisch]
  • Female Impersonator Study
  • Prenatal Development Program (Hormones in Prenatal Development) (1980s) [Sanders and Reinisch]
  • The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex (1991)
  • "The Kinsey Report" Nationally-Syndicated newspaper column, written by Reinisch

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