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Magnus Hirschfeld Collection

[Photo of Magnus Hirschfeld]

The collection of Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935), German physician and sex researcher, is credited with founding the German homosexual rights movement. The collection consists of four flat boxes (4') that hold the contents of an oversized scrapbook, which was compiled for eventual publication by Carl Hoefft, Ph.D. The materials are in German.

The collection consists of invitations to professional events and to lectures signed by Hirschfeld, publications and publication announcements, reports, clippings, handbills and posters for lectures on homosexuality and other topics (1895-1928), professional correspondence (1906-1931), confidential reports and minutes of the Wissenschaftlich-humanitäre Komitee (Scientific-Humanitarian Committee) meetings on homosexual legal reform (1902-1921), a program from International Congress of World League for Sexual Reform (1928), magazines and articles regarding homosexuality and transvestitism (1914-1920), and book advertisements, title pages, and table of contents on fetishes, transvestitism, and homosexuality (1898-1928). The collection includes trial case sketches, news clippings and court documents regarding persons accused of homosexual practices (Krupp, Bülow-Brand 1907, Grunowski 1927-1928) or involved with accusations of royalty being and exclusively hiring homosexuals (Moltke-Harden 1907, Prince Eulenburg 1908) and other homosexual-related cases. Clinical materials consist of Hirschfeld's famous letter to the 3000 students of the Charlottenburg Institute of Technology with sexual orientation survey cards (1903), psychobiological questionnaires (1930) and self-reported homosexual and transvestite case histories and photographs.

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