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You can support the Kinsey Library and Collections with online financial donations to:

You may also donate by calling us at 812-855-7686 or e-mailing


Other ways to donate

Importance of Donations

All materials in The Kinsey Institute print, art and artifact, photography, film/video, and archival collections are acquired as gifts or donations, or are purchased with private Institute income. No public funds are used to acquire erotic materials.

Material Donations

The breadth of vision of the Institute's founder, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the Institute's almost fifty-year history of research and collecting, together with its affiliation with a major research university, make the Institute a unique facility drawing many donors. In donating to the Institute, individuals ensure that their materials will be held secure, preserved, and made available for scholarly research, according to their instructions.

The Institute collects scientific and scholarly works relevant to the study of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction; it also seeks to document changing cultural mores regarding sexuality by collecting popular culture materials. Both contemporary and historical items are sought.

Erotica and Popular Culture Materials: Donations are particularly important to the Institute in the acquisition of erotica and popular culture materials. Publishers, organizations, and individuals can assist in the development of the collections by contacting the Institute to donate: runs of journals, magazines and "zines," and tabloids, magazine and newspaper articles, photographs, artifacts, biographical materials, CD-ROMs, films, videos, cartoons, comic books, including 8-pagers, novelty items, and other ephemeral materials related to human sexuality.

Scholarly Materials: The Institute also accepts donations of scholarly monographs, papers of organizations and individual researchers, reports, conference papers and proceedings, unpublished working papers, special issues of journals, runs of selected journals, and fine art materials.

Contacts for Donations to the Collections

Individuals who have items they wish to give to the collections, particularly those who have a large number of materials, should contact one of the following staff, as appropriate, before sending materials:

Head of Library, Liana Zhou (812/855-3060)

Donors may choose to remain anonymous. When confidentiality is desired, donors should so stipulate. For additional information on donating, refer to the Institute's Donation Policy.


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