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Alice Field Collection

The collection of Alice Withrow Field (1909-1960), sex researcher, criminologist and social scientist, is comprised of five file boxes (4 linear ft.) of papers, statistical and criminal reports, professional correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, charts, publication drafts, and legal information regarding criminal cases of sexual offenders and the relevant penal codes for New York City. The two foci of the collection are materials pertaining to the New York City Sex Offender study, and materials concerning cases in the Women's Court and Wayward Minors' Court.

The New York Sex offender study (1951-1956) consists of extensive notes on the study, sex offense trial case notes (1951-1954), notes and literature regarding NYC penal codes and legislative acts pertaining to sex offenses, published bulletins from the Chief City Magistrate regarding new or amended crime-oriented legislative bills, and correspondence with Alfred Kinsey (1945-1955) and with the NYC magistrates regarding the study.

The materials pertaining to the Women's Court and Wayward Minors' Court under the New York City Department of Probation (1940-1945) includes legal and statistical documents, reports, memoranda, two Masters theses on minors' court issues, data sheets on minors' court cases (1936-1943), and a series of 49 filed reports on female minors.

The remainder of the collection is comprised of U.S. and international crime research publications and notes, clippings, manuscripts, journal articles and offprints (1943-1951), correspondence with Dr. Robert Latou Dickinson (1939-1943) and other miscellaneous correspondence.

See also Kinsey Institute Archives, Robert Latou Dickinson Collection.

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