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New Additions to the Library and Art Collections

The Red Book

The Kinsey Library has acquired a copy of The Red Book, also known as Liber Novus, a 205-page manuscript by noted psychologist Carl Gustav Jung containing text, illustrations, and calligraphy. The Red Book was written between 1913 and 1930 while Jung was developing his theories of the collective unconscious, archetypes, and individuation. Originally handwritten by Jung in a series of small notebooks, then bound in red leather, the book was later kept private by Jung's heirs until 2001, and only finally published in 2009. Funds for the acquisition of The Red Book were provided by Lynn Luckow.

Dianora Niccolini Collection
Photograph of male bodybuilder and two male action figure dolls on the beach, by Dianora Niccolini

One of the first female artists to photograph the male nude, Dianora Niccolini has donated more than 100 original prints, spanning her career from the early 1960's to 2008. Niccolini is a founding member and first president of The Professional Women Photographers.

D. Woods Black Sexuality Collection
Variety of magazines and VHS tapes in the new Black Sexuality Collection

This collection includes a variety of donated materials such as guidebooks, photographs, films and more historically valuable data depicting black male sexuality in a commercial format.

Read more about the collection in the Winter 2010 Kinsey Today newsletter »

Contemporary Women Leaders in Sex Research
Sex researchers Drs. Elaine Hatfield, Pepper Schwartz, Leonore Tiefer, and Beverly Whipple.

The Kinsey Institute Library is pleased to announce the receipt of recent collections from women researchers, practitioners, and scholars who have made significant impact in various aspects of sexology and are still active contributors. These collections include donations from Drs. Elaine Hatfield, Pepper Schwartz, Leonore Tiefer, and Beverly Whipple.

Read more about these archives »

Herbert Ascherman, Jr. Collection
Photograph by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

Thanks to the generosity of Herbert Ascherman, Jr., the Kinsey Institute photography and art collections continue to grow with new contributions every month. In addition to donating more than 700 of his own prints, Mr. Ascherman is helping us expand our collection of vintage photography.

Read the Kinsey Today newsletter article about the Ascherman collection »

Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds

An anonymous donor contributed an impressive book, Playboy: the Complete Centerfolds, featuring 640 photographs of Playboy centerfold models, beginning with the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The book comes in a leather suitcase weighing over 35 pounds, and represents half a century of the idealized image of the female body.


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