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The Individualized Major Program (IMP) at Indiana University, Bloomington, enables undergraduate students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Arts and Sciences through a course of study that is tailored to individual interests and goals. All majors in the IMP require faculty sponsorship and approval by the Individualized Major Program Faculty Committee. Human Sexuality is one of the individualized majors that students may pursue.

Faculty sponsors directing the work of students interested in human sexuality have come from Psychology (Peter Finn), Sociology (Martin Weinberg), the History and Philosophy of Science (Noretta Koertge), and HPER (William Yarber).

Some of the courses that have counted toward the individualized major in human sexuality include:

  • Human Sexuality and the Health Professional, Nurs K380
  • Human Reproductive Biology, Bio L104
  • Psychological Development of the Child & Adolescent, Psy P316
  • Sociology of Gender Roles, Soc S338
  • Seminar: Sexual Orientation in the Military, Hist T495
  • Practicum in College Sex Education. HPER H317
  • Philosophical Perspectives on Sexology, HPSC X355
  • Variations in Human Sexuality, Soc S321

The IMP is not an honors program and has no special GPA requirements beyond those of the College of Arts and Sciences. Students should be highly motivated and capable of working on their own.

For further information, contact:

Individualized Major Program
Indiana University
Ballantine Hall 129
Bloomington, IN 47405

Ph. 812/855-9588
Fax 812/856-2015

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